CC elections continue to disappoint

We’re tired of saying this, believe us. We really thought that we had said all that needed to be said about College Council elections last week. However, since that time we’ve been given more cause for concern about way the CC elections are being administered.

Last Tuesday, we complained that the debate was poorly publicized and poorly run and that the nomination packet was egregiously late getting to our SU Boxes. Unfortunately, we went to press before the surprisingly timely, and blatantly inappropriate, arrival of a letter from then co-presidents Will Slocum and Kate Ervin specifically discrediting candidate Reed Wiedower’s campaign. Accusing Wiedower of attempting to “beguile” the College community, the letter went on to level the slanderous charge of theft. Wiedower’s posters may have been confusing, perhaps misleading, but it is irresponsible to accuse without evidence, as Slocum and Ervin did in their letter, and it is inexcusable that such accusations be forced on every student by the very people who were supposed to be impartially administering the elections.

Let us leave the question of content for a moment, though, because although it is important, it is not the central issue. Regardless of what the letter said, it was not for the co-presidents to send it out, and certainly not to send it out on CC stationary. They need to stay out of the election; they count the votes.

It is not the opinion of the Record that the letter was the only thing preventing Wiedower from Election Day triumph, and frankly we’re eager to leave this whole ugly business behind us.

But there are still elections going on, and therefore we continue to be distressed by the way they are being handled. One of the two winners for the Class of 2000 Honor and Discipline Committee did not even appear on the ballot. We found out on Sunday that the position of College Council treasurer will be determined in the run-off election today and tomorrow. Considering that Nelson Hioe was announced as the unofficial winner in an all campus e-mail earlier this week, we wonder how many people realize this position is still contested.

The elections will conclude themselves as they conclude themselves, and we’ll all be relieved. We at the Record offer our congratulations to College Council co-presidents Medha Kirtane and Bert Leatherman, and implore them, when election time rolls around next year, to remember this spring and perform their duties with the professionalism we have every reason to expect from them.

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