Buildings and Grounds sets new storage policy

Anyone who has been to a Williams storage room lately knows just how over-crowded these places have become.

Thomas McEvoy, Director of Housing, has announced that a new storage policy will prohibit storage of large furniture, beds and anything else taking up large amounts of space. The policy goes into effect at the end of the semester.

The Housing department has also announced that storage rooms will be cleaned out beginning with the Spring Break vacation. Items that are left in storage without a student’s name may be removed.

The change in policy became necessary, said McEvoy, “because storage rooms were so chock full, essentially, of items at certain times of the year.”

The overcrowded spaces were creating obstacles and safety problems.

“People that needed to get to certain parts of the buildings, mainly the basement, to shut off the water lines and power, were finding it impossible to get to systems because the storage rooms were so cluttered,” McEvoy said. “We actually had a couch fall on a student and break her arm a few years ago in the Greylock quad,” he added.

McEvoy met with representatives of College Council last semester to let them know about the storage policy change. This semester, Buildings and Grounds is focusing on educating students about the change and the reasons behind it.

In response to suggestions of a storage monitoring system, McEvoy noted the large number of storage spaces on campus and the access students have to them during the year. “We have many, many storage areas on campus, and there’s no way to have someone there at the various times of the year to check things in and out and keep order,” McEvoy said.

Storage companies offer alternatives for storing large items banned from campus basements. Connors Brothers in Williamstown and Mullins Movers both provide pick-up services on campus. Self-storage is also available in the Delftree Building and other spaces near Williamstown.

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