One in 2000: Betsy Spear

Place of Origin: Haverford, PN

Current Residence: Carter

Five Favorite Movies: Heathers, Benny & Joon, This is Spinal Tap, Wayne’s World, Say Anything.

Say Anything?

Classic ’80s movies

Favorite decade?

Not the ’80s actually. I should have been born. . . Well, when my parents where born. I wish I lived in the ’60s. I’m obsessed with the 60’s. I love it.

Any particular reason?

The music. I wish I would have been at Woodstock.. The music. . . the people.

Did you go to Woodstock ’94?

I watched it. Remember how you had to pay to watch it? I watched it at a friend’s house. When Bob Dylan came on I cried and cried and cried.

Have you always loved Bob Dylan?

I started. . . You see, I always loved ’60s music back in 6th grade when everyone was listening to G’N’R. They were like “Oh my God! You like ’60s music!”

G’N’R being Guns and Roses?

Yeah. Of course Guns and Roses. I’m sure you hold a special place in your heart for Guns and Roses.

I don’t.

Really? That’s unfortunate.


Indeed. But yeah, the ’60s.

Hmmm. . . I can’t think of a witty transition. . . Let me just move into my next question: Why Williams?

Okay. Yes. Everyone always says when you visit colleges you have to go by how a campus feels and I said “Yeah, whatever. That’s never going to happen.” Then I got here – I visited here after sophomore and junior year – and it just felt right. I love it here and it has met or exceeded all of my expectations. It’s honestly just like, your going to get a list of schools and you know you’re going to get an amazing education at all of them so you have to go with what feels right. Williams did. . . And it still does.

You’re a sophomore now, so let me ask you something for myself: Is the workload easier to handle in sophomore year? Do you get used to it?


That can’t be good.

No. I mean, I think it’s just me. You’re always going to have a lot of work. I’ve just come to that realization.

So you’re saying that staying up for 24 hours straight is a common occurrence?

You see, that never works.

It works if you have enough coffee. . . Do you drink a lot of coffee?

Yes! Oh God! Back in the day I used to get a reaction. Now I can drink a six pack of Diet Coke and go to sleep.

How long have you been drinking coffee?

How long have I been drinking coffee? Or how long have I been a caffeine addict?

Oh, you’re a caffeine addict?

Oh yeah!

Did it stem from the coffee?

I guess it started with coffee. It started with liking the taste of coffee. Then it was the caffeine.

So you don’t care as long as it’s caffeine?

I’m still pretty picky about my coffee drinking habits. I don’t drink dining hall coffee.

How long have you been a caffeine addict?

My parents tried to keep me away from caffeine. They’re both caffeine addicts. My mom drinks coffee and tea, my dad drinks Coke and coffee. They tried to keep me from being a caffeine addict as long as possible.

Is caffeine addiction in your genes?

I’d rather not speculate on that. I’m not a Div. 3 major.

Okay, then. Do you have an exciting story?

Whoa! Recently? Or ever?

Whatever you think is an exciting story.

I’ve gotten lost on Water Street. And one time I got lost and ran to Vermont.


I didn’t realize it until I saw a lot of Vermont plates. It’s not that far. It’s like five miles. I was on my regular run and before I knew it I was lost. It got to the point where I knew if I turned around it would take too long so I kept running.

Like Forrest Gump?

Yeah. I ended up finding someone’s house and knocking on the door. I asked her where I was and she said “You’re in Vermont.” So I asked her where the college was and she said “What college?” Basically she just drove me back and I made it in time for class.

Now the whole campus knows you got lost on Water Street.

No, that was another time.

Really? Tell me about it. How does one get lost on Water Street?

When one forgets where the turn off for Latham is one can keep going and keep trying to find it.

So you just kept going?

Yes. And it looked familiar because I’d been running there but I didn’t know where it was. That was another time someone drove me back to campus. I am too trusting of people in this town.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

Oh golly! Buying nail polish. I friggin’ collect the stuff. I have a lot of colors I still haven’t worn yet. But I will. I promise!

Why’s that such a guilty pleasure?

Because it’s so expensive. And I’m just like “Oh well! I’m worth it! Let’s buy some!”

If you feel you’re worth it you shouldn’t feel guilt.

But I do.

What do you think is the most important thing going on in the world?



Well, one of the reasons I’m here is to completely isolate myself from that.

Any reason?

It’s not very happy stuff. If I don’t have to hear about this depressing stuff going on in the world it makes me happy.

Is there something you want to tell the campus?

Hey guys! I’m single!

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