Cathy’s Corner

Name: Cathy Ralys

Occupation: owner of Lickety-Split

How long have you lived in the area?

All my life.

When did you start working at Lickety-Split?

We opened, well, it’ll be three years in June.

Did you open the store yourself?

Yes, my husband and I.

I think the name Lickety-Split is quite clever. . .did you come up with that yourself?

Actually, no. A guy I worked with. . .just one day came in and said, “How about. . .I got it – Lickety Split!” And it was just, “This is it. It’s got to be it.”

Does your business suffer a lot in the winter months?

The ice cream side. But my husband came on with me after the first year and he’s very good at what he does with food, so lunches picked up and we do great with soups and quiche and salad. Every year, the figures are going the right way. People are coming and liking what they’re getting.

I noticed that Goodrich is now selling Lickety-Split cookies. Cookies happen to be my favorite food, so I was wondering how they are.

They’re wonderful. They’re Tom’s recipe. I don’t know how he started it, but whatever he did, he got the right formula and they are great sellers.

So what’s the most popular flavor of ice cream?

Without a doubt, there are two – mud pie and purple cow. Most people come in and think, “Oh [purple cow] is just a college thing, but everybody loves it. It became one of the best sellers, not just because of the name.

So what about that purple cow?

We asked Steve Herrell to come up with a flavor for us. We told him about the mascot, the purple cow, and all. And this is what he came up with.

So is ice cream still more popular than all those low-fat yogurt-y sorbet things?

Yes, most people will come in and want to go for the low-fat, but then they don’t. They’re really big sellers, but if you’re going to be bad. . .

What’s your favorite part of the job?

Though without the food side, we’d never make it through these long winters, I enjoy the craziness of the ice cream part in the summer. We start in the spring and never look up and it’s crazy until fall.

So do you get sick of eating ice cream?

No, but I don’t eat a lot of it. But when another flavor comes in and I haven’t had it in a while, I have to have some.

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