Fun student experiences during Winter Study

Time check; it’s 11:58, time to move. I had been stalking my target for the past 36 hours and now was the time when I would take him out. I exited my hiding spot in the entry next to his and slowly moved down the hallway. I heard voices around the corner. My prey was in the shower and he had his friends guarding the door in case of a surprise attack. Too bad they weren’t well enough prepared.

I walked around the corner and moved swiftly past his security force. Now in the bathroom I moved to the shower to execute him, but his friends had warned him that I was coming. I ripped back the curtain and aimed at his torso; one shot later and my quarry was dead, or so I thought.

Now of course no one was actually killed on the Williams campus while taking a shower, but many people have been “assassinated” because of Killing as an Organized Sport, better known as KAOS. This game has been going on for several weeks now on campus, and it has been very exciting for those who have been participating. The game involves shooting other people with a toy gun that shoots rubber darts; one shot to the torso kills the target.

Most people think that it would incredibly easy to shoot a person with a rubber dart just once in the torso, but the rules of the game make it much more complicated, and more challenging to kill your target. Everyone who is participating in the game is assigned a target that he must kill within 72 hours. If he does not kill his target within this time limit, a group of people known as the Death Squad will hunt him down and kill him, removing him from the game.

If one succeeds in assassinating, he gets a new person to hunt, and of course a fresh time limit. To make it more complex, every player is also being hunted by someone else. It seems like it would be pretty easy to shoot someone with a dart in three days; all you have to do is figure out where the person lives and then find and shoot him. To make it more of a challenge, KAOS command has several rules that limit when and where kills can take place. A kill may only take place if there is one or no witnesses. Also, a player may not use force to make a kill. This means that you can’t kick down your target’s door and shoot him while he sleeps. You also can’t knock on his door and then push it open when he unlocks it. Besides this, your target can also shoot back at you; this stuns you and prevents you from killing him for 24 hours. Sounds a bit harder now, doesn’t it? The rules of the game are designed to make it more about strategy and stealth than brute force.

Well I decided to try my luck at the game and see if I could survive; it also didn’t hurt knowing that the last three people surviving get cash prizes. Well I was assigned my target by KAOS command, and then I began to plot my strategy for executing him. My target, Mike Machuca in Fitch, which made it a bit of a pain for me to be able to stalk him effectively since I live in Sage. Therefore, I thought maybe a surprise attack would be a good plan. I thought that maybe I could catch him off guard while he was asleep, but that plan was not cunning enough. I went to his dorm at 1:00 am on Sunday night. As I entered the front door I heard no sounds except those of the heating and plumbing systems. I crept upstairs to the second floor just to make sure no one else was around, and then I came back down to the first floor to execute my plan. I slowly walked to his door and tried the handle. Locked!

I rattled the doorknob a bit and heard movement. The door was flung open and all that was exposed was a head, an arm, and a bright orange dart gun pointed directly at me. So there we were at a standoff, which I decided to end quickly since I was in a very vulnerable position considering I had no shot at his torso but he had an easy shot at mine. I backed off slowly down the hall and turned for the door.

I opened the door and let it shut. Instead of retreating back to my dorm I was hoping to lure him out of his room so I could get a good shot. I hid behind a pillar waiting for him to come out to see if I was gone. Once again, he was much smarter than I. Instead of coming out into my trap, he called two of his friends from the rooms near his and they all came out to investigate. Now there were too many witnesses and there was no way I could kill him. I hid but I was discovered quickly and forced to retreat back to my safe house in Sage.

I realized when I returned home that I was dealing with a very smart individual, and any plan that I devised would have to be extremely cunning in order to kill him. Also, I only had one more day to kill him, so I had to act fast. The next day I came about with a brilliant plan that I was going to initiate the next evening. I knew that he now could identify me, so surprise was needed. He also would be around his friends so I couldn’t shoot him because there would be too many witnesses. I needed to somehow get into his dorm and lure him out of his room to shoot him. I obtained the help of two of my friends, and with the help of an old pizza box I thought I could kill him. We went to his dorm at 11:00, one friend dressed like me and hidden in the bushes, the other holding a pizza box. The friend with the pizza box, John, dialed his room to impersonate a Hot Tomatoes deliveryman. My plan was either to lure him out alone or with his friends and while he was at the door dealing with my two friends I could enter his entry through the basement and sneak into his room to wait for him. Well the plan didn’t work quite as planned but I gained access to his dorm unnoticed and I went upstairs to wait for my opportunity to kill him.

I waited until midnight approached, when I thought he might let down his guard. He didn’t give me much of a chance, but I had to take it. When I found him in the shower and shot him I was positive I had completed my objective, but I was wrong. My kill was disputed and the Death Squad judge who heard our case deemed that I had used force to kill my target by pulling back the shower curtain while he was trying to hold it closed. Therefore, my kill didn’t count and I would have to deal with the Death Squad. Instead of dying by execution, I decided to take my own life in front of the official who judged my case.

Looking back on the game, I had a great time. Of course this game is not for everybody. I know that not everyone on the Williams campus gets an adrenaline rush from hunting down another person and executing him. However, the game is one of the parts of Winter Study that I really like.

It helps to cut down on the laziness and sloth that a person can encounter if they aren’t too careful. Besides, doesn’t everybody want to act like James Bond once in a while? It really is quite exciting to be on your toes 24 hours a day, looking out for your possible assassin while devising a plan to kill your target. And for five dollars, it is a pretty good source of entertainment.

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