College Council names Goodrich supervisor

Janet Iwasa ’99 has been named the new manager of the Goodrich Student Center.

Iwasa, who will have finished all of her course requirements at the end of Winter Study, will take the position vacated by Ryan Mayhew ’01, who began the academic year as the manager of the Goodrich Student Center and resigned in November.

After June, when Iwasa finishes her tenure, the student activities intern will be in charge of Goodrich, fulfilling the role formerly occupied by Mayhew and Iwasa. According to Iwasa, the hope is that the student activities intern will be a recent graduate of the College. This person will hold the position for two years. The selection process for the new intern will occur this spring.

Concerning the responsibilities of the student activities intern and the relationship between his or her duties and Goodrich, College Council Co-President Will Slocum ’99 said, “I definitely hope that the new intern takes on many responsibilities for Goodrich such as working with B&G, doing the budgets, working with the coffee bar managers, scheduling summer events, etc. . . However, the extent of his/her role may or may not be the same as Janet’s. If the school were to give the intern Janet’s exact position, it may be ‘professionalizing’ the space more than it should. We want to keep this is a student-operated building and so we must consider the implications of these decisions. In the case of Janet, I think we have maintained the student control.”

CC Treasurer Anh Nguyen ’99 said, “A recent graduate will know the ‘Williams system’ and have a stronger connection to the student body. He can adapt into the Williams environment much more easily than an outsider. What specifically is his role with Goodrich will be determined by those involved.”

He continued, “Because the student intern will interact primarily with students, I am sure that students will be invited to participate in the hiring process and share their inputs. CC and Goodrich will hopefully be invited.”

While the Student Activities Intern will be assisting students in the running of Goodrich, the goal is to keep Goodrich student run, according to Nguyen. “Students are responsible for managing the coffee bar and the building, a Goodrich committee of student leaders helps set policy, and the College Council has the right to review all decisions.”

Iwasa, on her appointment to the position, said, “It was really an ideal situation. College Council was looking for someone to fill the position until June and I was looking to stay on campus.” Iwasa will receive the salary that had been allotted for Mayhew and will receive room and board.

College Council, whose members had been running Goodrich since Mayhew’s resignation, is still very involved in the running of Goodrich.

College Council Co-President Will Slocum ’99 said of the hiring, “It became very clear this past fall semester that the building requires a larger time commitment to set up in this first year than any one student can handle. While we worked out a group management system at the end of the semester, we found that it would be far more effective for all involved to have one main contact person for the building. This year the students need to establish a framework for the budgets, work with B&G on set up and maintenance issues, communicate with all departments and student groups, arrange summer conferences, advertise to the community, etc… all to make the building work. Frankly there are too many tasks at hand. We need full-time support. On the other hand, we want to keep the building student-run. As a student and professional, Janet is the perfect fit. The Student Goodrich Administration, the members of the Goodrich Committee, and the Deans made the decision to hire her.”

Dean of the College Peter Murphy said, “College Council approached me with the idea [of hiring Iwasa]. After consulting with Dean Lee, who works most closely with Goodrich, I worked with Helen Ouellette, Vice President for Administration, to iron out the details. I suppose as far as process goes it wasn’t much of a process. But there was a need and an opportunity, and reason to act quickly.”

Iwasa cited a lack of communication between the student manager and CC as one of the early problems that the student center faced. To remedy that situation, she plans on submitting monthly reports about Goodrich to CC and working with the Goodrich Committee, whose members are made up of CC representatives and Goodrich employees.

“College Council will be very involved in all aspects of Goodrich,” Iwasa said. Also noting that, “Students, of course, will be the top priority.”

Iwasa brings the experience of being involved in many aspects of College life to the position. She has been the manager of the Daily Advisor, Busing and a member of the Gargoyle Society.

While her position officially began at the start of Winter Study, Iwasa notes, “Winter Study is still a transitional period. I’m still ironing things out and still in the process of getting situated.”

Some of her duties in the position include being in charge of all scheduling and the constant updating the Goodrich website. Her top priority, though, is the student resource room.

About the resource room, she said, “Not everything about the resource room has been institutionalized yet. We want to make sure that the leaders of student groups make good use of the room. And that means not just using the computers, but also taking advantage of the mail boxes that have been set up and the copy machine, etc. The student activities room should not be just another Jesup.”

Murphy noted, “I think that Goodrich will really benefit from some sustained attention. I think it needs someone who is focussed on it as their primary activity. Really, as far as I can tell, it just needs settling down. All this year we have been laying the groundwork for a smoother next year.”

Iwasa said that she will act as a bridge to the College administration.

Sargeant Donovan-Smith ’99, Vicki Martinez ’00 and Josh Easter ’01 still hold their positions as supply manager, personnel manager assistant manager respectively.

In her tenure, Iwasa hopes to write a booklet for her successors describing the responsibilities of the position.

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