One in 2000: Sergio Espinosa, III

Place of Origin: Pomona, CA

Date of Origin: May 22, 1980

Present Residence: Williams E

Five Favorite Movies in no particular order: Shawshank Redemption, Good Will Hunting, JFK, Saving Private Ryan, Dead Poets Society

Do you have a thing for real long movies?

Yeah, I like really long movies.

Who killed JFK?

It probably wasn’t Lee Harvey Oswald because he didn’t have a good angle from the book depository. So it was probably the guys from the grassy knoll.

Were you on the grassy knoll?

I was born seventeen years after the fact.

Was anyone you know on the grassy knoll?

To my knowledge no one in my family was on the grassy knoll.

What is the grassy knoll?

The grassy knoll is this area commonly referred to by this white picket fence on Elm Street where the limousine drove down.

What do you think of Jesse “The Body” Ventura being elected as governor of Minnesota?

There are two perspectives I like to take on it. One, I think it’s terrific because it shows the power of the votes and politics really do belong to the people. Ventura is a populist candidate and he was able to defeat some two good candidates: Skip Humphrey, related to Hubert F. Humphrey the former vice-president, and Coleman, [whose] family has a long heritage of Minnesota politics.

Speaking of professional wrestlers in politics, do you think Hulk Hogan has a chance of winning the presidential elections in the year 2000?

I think Steve Austin has a better chance than Hulk Hogan.


Because Steve Austin, I think, fits more the frustration that the American middle class and American proletariat seem to feel at the present time.

If Hulk Hogan runs for president should he run under the original Hulk Hogan with yellow and red or do you think people would prefer. . .Hollywood Hulk?

I think most people would prefer the Hulkamania of WWF rather than the black and white NWO Hulk.

As for the President Clinton scandal, do you think it’s been overblown?

When the president lies under oath I don’t think it could be overblown.

Do you have a name you prefer for the whole scandal?

The Lewinsky Scandal.

You prefer that over “Fornigate” or “Sexgate”?

Well, yes, I think those are very trashy.

Have you stopped smoking cigars?

I have never smoked cigars.

Do you ever plan on smoking cigars?

No. The only time I think I would smoke a cigar is when my first child is born.

What do you think of the snow outside?

I think it’s wonderful.

Do you like the freezing cold?

I don’t think it’s really that bad. If you dress properly it’s not really a big deal.

Small animals.

It depends what kind of small animals. Squirrels are cute and fuzzy. They are like little stuffed animals and you want to squeeze them and hug them and everything. Then there are like cats with claws that claw you around. I got a cat at home and he’ll jump on me and I’ll be like “What the heck?” and have this ten pound weight on me.

What do you think of mice?

Mice? I’ve never really been well acquainted with mice. We used to have mice traps around the house once in a while but I never saw one and it never really bother me.

What about Mighty Mouse?

Mighty Mouse? Well, that’s going back some. I remember I used to watch Mighty mouse when I was five or six years old.

If Mighty Mouse and Superman were to get into a fight, who would win?

It depends if Mighty mouse had the kryptonite.

What if they went into complete battle royal in a steel cage match?

I’ll have Mighty Mouse win ‘cause he’s cooler.

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