Perjury cannot be overlooked

Dear Sir,

I am appalled by Tim Karpoff’s article (“Republicans repeating impeachment mistake,” December 8), which opposes impeachment on the grounds that not only is it a futile attempt but also a political suicide. Mr. Karpoff concludes by asking: “We knew he’d lied to us…[but] what has really changed?”

I make no pretensions to skills a  la Tocqueville, but I daresay that what would be changed if we turned a blind eye is the country’s justice system. Perjury is heinous; when committed by the head of state, a supposed role model for the public, it is pernicious. Leaving this matter unremedied, simply because Mr. Clinton does other jobs well, is a harbinger of more sinister degradations, one of which is the invalidation of due process.

Surach Tanboon ’98

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