Dylan’s Corner

Name: Dylan Goodrich

Age: 25

Occupation: works at Cold Springs Coffee Roasters

How long have you lived in the area?

Just over four years.

What’s your favorite coffee drink?


Do you tend to wander about in a caffeine-induced euphoria?

[laughter] No.

How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?

One is a lot for me.


I tend to drink a lot of juice and a lot of tea.

What’s your favorite type of tea then?

Green tea.

Besides brewing coffee, do you have any special talents?

No, not really.

What’s your favorite local hangout, other than the coffee shop?

My house. [laughter] There’s really no place to hang out. I went to Canterbury’s once and just walked right back out. . .it was a pretty sad scene. So, I don’t go out much anymore.

How do you like this winter weather?

I hate it. I’m ready to move south. I’m fed up with it.

Do you by any chance have any unusual fetishes. . .perhaps involving shoes?

I have a shoe fetish. Of course I do. . .I have a lot of shoes. I just love shoes. Everywhere I go, I see shoes. If I like them I buy them.

So, what do you think of my shoes [flowered Doc Martens]?

If you were in a daisy patch, they’d camouflage you pretty well.

What’s your opinion on this whole impeachment thing?

I think they should hang Ken Starr. He’s spent far too much money. . .you know, what’s his motive? No one’s kept him in check. I don’t think [Clinton] should be impeached at all. I think he should just finish out his term and go on his way.

Which do you prefer – Beastie Boys or Backstreet Boys?

Oh God, Beastie Boys.

Can you name all the Backstreet Boys?

I could kill them. But no I can’t [name them]. I have no idea.

What are your real musical interests?

Early jazz.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully not here. That’s a tough one. . .I don’t know where I want to go. I’ve got a million ideas and nothing seems like it’s. . .it’s all so tentative.

What’s your favorite slang term from the 80s?

Probably dude, ’cause I still use it, all the time.

I’m stuck on rad myself.

Rad, I use. I still have t-shirts from the 80s that say rad. I started using rad when I was about eight and I never stopped.

What’s your favorite food that comes in a can?

It’s not SPAM. I don’t eat any food out of a can. What kind of question is that?

Most people eat canned food.

That’s true.

It’s okay. We can skip it.

I feel bad now. . .I guess I’ll have to start eating canned food.

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