Corby, Edelman kick off SAC Sundays

Sunday night at 8 p.m. in the Goodrich Great Room, folk musicians Dana Edelman and Stephanie Corby kicked off the Student Activities Committee’s Super Sundays series with a concert of blues-inspired, original folk music. Hailing from the Boston area, Edelman performed his quiet brand of folk rock for the seventy or so people, who were gathered around the copper-covered tables in Goodrich, while they enjoyed their Speeder and Earl’s coffee, subsidized for the night by SAC.

Throughout the concert, Edelman and Corby shared the stage, although the first set highlighted Edelman’s songwriting talents. Edelman’s softer, lilting voice melted into Corby’s aggressive, soulful one, blending to create soothing harmonies and emotive blues-tinged rock. Edelman and Corby’s first set was ballad heavy, including Edelman’s original compositions “Cross That Bridge,” “Smiling at You” and the fanciful “Dog on Moon.”

The duo also sang “Summer Rain,” which held special meaning for the two performers, as it was the first song that they had performed together three years before. Before playing “Freely,” Edelman expressed how “psyched” he was to be performing the song because he had recently recorded it. “Freely,” inspired by a trip to the Colorado Rockies, was Edelman’s call to live life to the fullest and in harmony with one’s fellow man.

The second set showcased Corby’s soul-filled and guttural, Joan Osborne-like voice. In several covers, the central Massachusetts native, who now lives in New York City, performed with a bluesy timbre reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt. One of the most enjoyable parts of Corby’s performance was her cover of one of her major influences, Shawn Colvin. Corby gave an inspired performance of “Wichita Skyline” off Colvin’s 1996 album A Few Small Repairs. Corby was also pleasingly melodic on Jimmy Webb’s “If these Walls Could Speak.”

On another soulful cover, she exhibited her vocal range and a talent for blues singing that the caused the mellow audience to cheer. Corby also performed a bluesy duet with her sister, who had been emceeing the concert. Near the end of the concert, Corby called Christopher Hale ’00 to the stage so that two could perform a cover of a Dave Mathews ballad.

When the performers on stage are truly having a good time performing, the audience cannot help but be drawn into the performance. The smiles on Edelman’s and Corby’s faces made it obvious that the two were having a really good time performing together. Not only were the two enjoying themselves during their hour and a half-long concert, but each also seemed to have a real respect and appreciation for the musical talents of the other.

The audience was extremely receptive to the concert. Throughout the performance, the crowd, which was clearly enjoying Edelman’s lyricism and personal song-writing style accompanied by Corby powerful vocals, continued to grow. Undeniably, the first SAC Super Sunday was a success.

The college community can look forward to future Super Sunday events. Next Sunday, SAC will host the blues band Skinny T and the Daddy Soul Doughnut. Local favorite Bernice Lewis will play the final concert of the series on January 24.

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