Worker protests his firing by College

To the Editor:

At this festive time of year, I would like to wish the Administration of Williams College the most joyous of holidays. Having worked at Williams for 20 years, 10 at Security and 10 at Dining Services, the College has given me a most unique way to spend this holiday season. Having had the misfortune of injuring my back in a work-related accident, the College in its infinite wisdom thought that I would be better off working somewhere else; where they wouldn’t have to get bogged down with unnecessary paperwork, (you know, one less thing to worry about).

Never imagining that I would need legal counsel because I had worked at Williams so long, I did not bother getting an attorney. As soon as my doctor allowed me to go back to work on a limited basis, the College fired me. It was then that I decided that I might need a lawyer who promptly told me that indeed Williams College could indeed fire me because I went back to work. Stunned for a while, I finally realized why this happened. The College had only my best interest in mind. You see, you really don’t appreciate what you have until it is gone and the College in its infinite wisdom decided to show me this and help strengthen my character and resolve. I quickly learned that I truly did miss the things that I had before I was terminated. I lost my job, my house, my car, and my self-esteem.

The College for whom I worked for 20 years did not however leave me totally without resources. I do collect $46.00 a week in workman’s compensation, which covers half of one week’s rent, leaving me no money for food or other necessities. Having just spent 10 days in the hospital, the state cancelled my unemployment insurance because I was not able to look for work when I was there.

I have been seeking work for quite a while. However no one seems to want to hire an employee with a bad back. Anyway, the best is yet to come. Sometime between Christmas and New Year’s, I will be able to experience what it is like to be homeless. I’ll keep in touch. Anyway, may the Lord Bless and keep you and yours safe throughout the holidays.

-William A. Wilson

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