SAC looks for spring concert band

The Student Activities Committee’s search for a band for its spring concert is ongoing, despite its earlier talks with the group Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.

The group pulled out of loose arrangements to play at Williams this spring because the date conflicted with the Grammy award ceremony. The group had never signed a contract with Williams, but had been sought by SAC as a preliminary option.

SAC President Kevin Bolduc ’99 said of the band’s change of plans, “They got a Grammy nomination and were invited to play, so of course the band is playing at the ceremony. There was no contest; Williams really couldn’t compete with the Grammies.”

However, SAC still plans to host at least one large spring concert.

SAC member Cathryn Christensen ’01said, “We’re not sure right now how big the concert is going to be. We might have one big concert; we might have two smaller ones. We have a list of 100 bands that we are calling right now.”

Bolduc added that the cancellation of Bella Fleck and the Flecktones opens up different options as SAC plans for the spring concerts.

“If we get someone very expensive for the main show in April, we will only have one large event in the spring,” he said. “But if we book someone that is not as expensive, we might have another, less expensive band like Strange Folk come to Williams.”

SAC is now searching for a band using the information they received from a student survey this year. Currently, they are interested in Liz Phair, Ben Harper, G Love and Special Sauce, among others.

Bolduc said, “We’re still working from the student responses we got from our survey at the beginning of the year. Whether or not we come out with another survey depends on how our choices and the possible schedule look in the end. But right now, we are still very much in the searching phase, trying to see whose schedule is compatible with ours, and who we could reasonably afford.”

SAC members say that they would like to bring a band that the students will like and find different. “As we have done with earlier concerts this year…we want to bring something unusual and maybe expand people’s musical horizons a little,” said member Owen Boger ’01.

Bolduc said SAC is open to student ideas for groups to play at the spring concert, or at other venues.

“A number of students have gotten in touch with me or the other SAC members, and have given us recommendations for possible bands,” he said.

SAC is responsible for many of the smaller concerts that have taken place in Goodrich so far this year, including the Nields and One Fell Swoop.

Bolduc said the spring concert will not be the only show that SAC will put on in the next semester, as it is also hosting many smaller events in Goodrich.

“We are doing a series in January of folk groups and one blues band,” Bolduc said. “A couple of students personally knew a New York artist, Dan Adelman, and recommended him to us. We booked him for one of the shows. Also, some students requested a band that they heard play at Mezze, so we have organized a show for them in the spring. We’re always open to student suggestions.”

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