One in 2000: Dorothy Joo

Residence: Dodd

Hometown: Rockville, MD

Favorite Book: Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger

Favorite Dessert: ice cream with gummy bears

Favorite Magazine: Cosmo

Top Three Albums: Harry Connick Jr. We Are in Love, G. Love and Special Sauce (self titled), Next Stop Wonderland (soundtrack)

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

To be able to control people talking to you. You know when someone is talking to you and you want them to go away or stop talking? You could just look at them and they would stop and go away. That’d be so nice.

If you could choose between being crazy and leading a tortured existence but being famous for your art work after you die or leading a happy normal productive life, which would you choose and why?

If I were crazy would I know I was crazy?

Yeah, you’d probably know you were crazy.

Well that’s a weird question because I think people who think they lead a normal happy productive life are a little weird too, so maybe it’s actually the same thing. Except for the celebrated after you die thing.

Do you have any stuffed animals on campus?

Yeah. This is actually really funny. I have a couple but they’re multicultural; does that make sense? I have a rabbit and his name is Adit (Indian), a bear Muhammed, and this dog named Sang (Korean). They were all gifts and I just named them after people that gave them to me.

What can you count on in your daily routine here at Williams?

There’s usually a part of the day where you just think to a burdensome degree about some thing or another as you’re walking to class or just waiting for something.

What do you think about?

Random things, but to a level that should not be thought about. . .like looking at something and formulating a story about it in your head . . .like how it got there, why it’s there.

Thanksgiving, as far as holidays go, better or worse than New Years?

It’s never been a huge deal at my house. . .

Well what does your family usually do?

We do the whole eating dinner with our cousin’s family…we usually just eat, talk – actually that’s like one of the only times where our whole family will get together and pray before the meal and that’s really nice.

You’re taking a video class – tell me about your video project.

I took an excerpt from my favorite book Franny and Zooey, the very beginning part when they are at a restaurant. I’m making it sound a lot bigger than it is – but I made up a screen play for it for my camera shots. I used the soundtrack from Next Stop Wonderland to go under everything. I’m having a lot of fun with it; the actors are really great. I work at Robin’s restaurant, and we were closed for two weeks and I was able to use that restaurant while it was empty for my set – all my really good friends helped me which was so much fun.

What do you like best about working with video?

Its like writing – this is something that I’ve thought about to a burdensome degree – it’s the closest thing to putting exactly what you’re visualizing in your head out there for other people to see. The exciting part of it is that I’ll visualize the whole thing in my head, each shot and then when I actually shoot it and have it on the computer screen editing I can see what’s in my head on the screen. You can do that with writing too but when other people read your work it’s different because they’re not exactly seeing what you’re seeing. Its like someone’s actually looking at what you see in your head – and that’s rare.

Do you say either or either?


Tell me about something hanging on the wall in your room.

I bought this dream catcher at the pow-wow a couple of weeks ago – or maybe a month ago I don’t know. It’s working pretty well so far.

So what have you dreamt?

I had this dream – do you know Allen Wong? I saw him somewhere in this house, and I knew his name was Allen but for some reason everyone was like, “his name’s not Allen.” And instead of being a friend from college he was a friend from high school that just looked like a friend from college but his name was not Allen. I don’t know if it’s a good dream or a bad dream. . .it’s not a bad dream. And the next morning I went to Baxter for breakfast and he was sitting there having cereal and so I sat with him I told him about this dream and he was like, “ok”. . .it was really funny.

What are you doing for winter study?

I’m going to South Africa with Professor Samson and seven other students, and his family. We’re taking different field trips – staying in Capetown most of the time I think. . .and studying how political, social investment will help the situation there.

Travel much?

I backpacked one summer but since then I haven’t done any huge traveling. . .western Europe and Czech Republic. . .with my sister. . . it was really fun in the beginning and then the last week, my sister was like, “You go back to Paris, I’ll to Amsterdam and we’ll meet in the London airport”. . .we didn’t do that though. I haven’t had a big trip since then – South Africa will be my first big trip for a while. . .

So do you think of life as “one big trip?”

I think that can be a little dangerous. . .trips end and I don’t think that life ends.

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