Rental of the week: Cool as Ice

This week’s rental of the week is Cool As Ice, the 1991 big-screen debut of then rap superstar Vanilla Ice. It relates the heart-warming tale of a bad boy with a heart of gold Johnny (Vanilla Ice) who makes an extended stop in a rural town when his friend’s motorcycle unexpectedly breaks down. Over the course of the stay, Johnny and his posse overcome small-town small mindedness as romance blossoms between Johnny and local beauty Katherine (Kristen Minter), whom Johnny affectionately calls Kat. Only two things stand between Kat, Johnny and romantic bliss: Kat’s conservative father and deadbeat boyfriend. Things start to change, however, when Johnny utters the immortal line, “Drop that zero and get with the hero.” Tensions rise between Johnny and Kat’s boyfriend. At one point Johnny protests the mistreatment of one of his friends: “Whackhead was playin’ baseball on my homeboy’s bike!” Confrontation ensues, followed by reconciliation and, ultimately, acceptance.

Cool As Ice offers a cliched plot in the unique package of early ’90s pop-rap hipness. It’s a hilarious combination, but some may find Ice’s dramatic turn, like his brand new album of punk rock stylings, hard to swallow. – Nat Bessey

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