Dawgs finish fall perfect; to host Division II finals

Women’s rugby played their most important and most difficult game of the season against Wesleyan. They won the most exciting game of the year by pouring their hearts out and playing with all their energy. The final score, after eighty minutes of incredibly intense rugby, was a hard-earned 15-0, earning the Lady White Dawgs a first place ranking and home field advantage for the Division II NERFU championship. The first game for the Dawgs will be Saturday at 11:00 a.m. against Norwich.

The match Saturday was the decisive game for the final ranking of both Williams and Wesleyan in regular season play. Both teams were set on winning and played with every ounce of emotion and energy they had. The game began with high emotions, translated into hard-hitting tackles by Laura Jacobs ’99 and Laura Moberg ’99. Arlene Spooner ’99 and Moberg consistently prevented Wesleyan from spending time on the Williams half of the pitch with booming kicks up the field. The scrum drove over Wesleyan with all their might, while hard and consistent rucking by the WW prevented Wesleyan from advancing. A substantial run by Wesleyan into Williams territory gained yardage, but the Wesleyan player could not avoid the Lady White Dawg defenders, running out of bounds within the try zone.

An excellent kick by Spooner sent the ball back upfield, and a gorgeous interception by Maureen Brudzinski ’99 advanced Williams into Wesleyan territory. Excellent runs by Kamille Richards ’00 and Brudzinski set the WW up for a penalty play near the Wesleyan try, where Yana Dadiomova ’00 took advantage, gaining further yardage. A picture-perfect line ensued, with Jacobs dishing to Moberg who pitched to Emily Eakin ’99, who tore through the Wesleyan defenders to score an incredible try, pumping up the WW even more before the end of the half.

The intensity of play continued, with both line and scrum working together to combat Wesleyan. Jess Coffin ’00 consistently won scrumdowns and stole hooks from Wesleyan, and lineout steals by Jennifer Hurley ’99 prevented Wesleyan from making consistent plays. Early in the half, the Lady White Dawgs won their lineout, sending the ball out to Jacobs who gained crucial yardage. Excellent scrummie support by Devon DiClerico ’01 and Christina Chan ’99 allowed Eakin to receive the ball and burst through defenders to score her second try of the game, improving the score to 10-0.

The Lady White Dawgs were excited and determined to score again. Richards delivered that try, after intercepting Wesleyan pass and breaking through attempted tackles to place the ball firmly in the Wesleyan try zone and up the lead to the final score of 15-0. Wesleyan continued to play hard in their effort to fight back, but Williams held them at bay, blocking an attempted try and consistently tackling the Wesleyan players.

The Killer B’s were psyched up after the A-side win and determined to show Wesleyan, and all of Division II, that the WWRFC is the best overall rugby club. Wesleyan, however, hoped to make up for their difficult loss with a B-side win. Wesleyan scored a try early in the half, sprinting up the side of the pitch past Williams defenders, but this would be their only try of the game. The Killer B’s regrouped and played intense rugby, overwhelming Wesleyan in scrumdowns and rucks, with aggressive playing by Elizabeth Jacobs ’01 and Sargeant Donovan-Smith ’99. Tackles were consistent and hard-hitting, as Roshni David ’01 continually broke off scrumdowns quickly to take out Wesleyan players. Huge runs by Lynn Lim ’01, Natalie Marchant ’01 and Karen Allen ’01 continually advanced Williams, but the WW could not get a try in before the half.

They returned after the half refreshed and determined to win. Allen advanced the Killer B’s near the Wesleyan try zone with a huge run. Julia Cianfarini ’01 displayed quick hands and aggressive runs, furthering the WW’s forward motion. After an excellent hook by Jacobs off a scrumdown, Allen deftly ran weak, dishing the ball to Heidi McGowan ’02, who avoided numerous Wesleyan tackles, bursting into the try zone for a perfectly placed try. Cianfarini took advantage and sent through an excellent conversion kick, giving Williams a 7-5 lead over Wesleyan.

The remainder of the game continued to be intense, as both sides fought for yardage, but the Killer B’s held off Wesleyan, winning the second game of the day for the Lady White Dawgs. Both sides proved that the Lady White Dawgs can step up for any opposition thrown their way and come out victorious, establishing themselves as leaders in their division.

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