Ultimate hosts Purple Valley

This weekend the Williams Ultimate Frisbee Organization (WUFO) hosted its annual tournament, the Purple Valley Invitational, here in Williamstown. Drawing over 400 Frisbee players from around the Northeast, Purple Valley is one of the most well respected tournaments of the fall season. 16 men’s and 12 women’s teams competed for the title over two days of play.

WUFO played only two college teams during the weekend, but defeated them both easily. Playing against Tufts, the Williams defense had no problem forcing them to turn over the disc. Tufts had only four players who were confident with the Frisbee, so by focusing the defense on those players, WUFO jumped out to a quick 4-1 lead. The starting seven led the WUFO offense early as Josh Fincke ’99 found Dan Niedzwiecki ’99 in the endzone with an excellent pass through the middle of the bewildered Tufts defense. Britton Mann ’00 was able to beat their zone defense by throwing an excellent hammer to Anton Blaikie ’99 in the endzone. In a game to 15, WUFO was able to take half at 8-3 thanks to by Matt Wessler ’01 who prevented a Tufts score by playing excellent defense near the endzone.

The second half saw more excellent play by WUFO, but this time coming from young players off the bench. Mayur Deshmukh ’01 played excellent defense to force Tufts into a turnover right on their own endline, which led to the pass from Niedzwiecki to Duncan Meiklejohn ’01 for the score. Alan Baldivieso ’01 was on fire all over the field as he made a diving defensive stop and then caught the score from Mann. With contributions from every member of the team, WUFO was able to shut out Tufts in the second half and win by a score of 15-3.

Playing long-time rivals Amherst for the second time this season, WUFO once again focused its defense on their star players and therefore shut down their offense. Up and coming rookie, Peter Krause ’02, played excellent defense against their long throws which limited their offense even more.

After a 5-1 WUFO lead, Amherst started to stage a small comeback, bringing the score to 7-4, but then WUFO decided to turn up the intensity. Mann played patient offense against their zone defense and eventually found Aaron DeCamp ’99 for the score. Austin Chang ’99 then sent a pass the length of the field to Krause in the endzone. Baldivieso was able to find Yang Wang ’01 for another point. WUFO continued to live up to their reputation as a second-half team by putting seven straight points on the board. The Amherst defense was helpless against the faster, stronger and more experienced WUFO offense. Amherst was able to sneak in one more point before WUFO sealed the victory at 15-5.

All fall, Williams has played extremely well against college competition, losing only two games. Purple Valley marks the end of the fall season, but WUFO is looking forward to the spring when it will be right in the middle of a competitive race for the top three spots in the Northeast.

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