WUFO milks two wins out of VT

WUFO traveled north last weekend to play the University of Vermont and Middlebury at Middlebury. The weather was cold, windy, and wet, turning the fields into one big slip-and-slide. The first game of the day against UVM began with excellent defense by Williams. Led by Dan Niedzwiecki ’99, WUFO used numerous zone defenses to force the opposition to turnover the disc. The teams traded points early on, but eventually WUFO took a commanding lead at half by a score of 8-4. Middlebury sat on the sidelines telling the two teams to play more aggressive offenses, sending it deep with hail mary-like passes, but WUFO was above peer pressure. Josh Fincke ’99 and Anton Blaikie ’99 kept the offense conservative, and Williams continued to rack up points.

However, something went wrong when the score stood at 12-4. Team Chill, as UVM is affectionately known, was able to score four quick points against some very lackadaisical defense by Williams. After this unfortunate turn of events, Duncan Meiklejohn ’01 and Andrew Deichman ’01 turned up the intensity on defense and helped WUFO to finish off UVM with three quick scores, bringing the final score to 15-8.

WUFO played the host Middlebury Pranksters in the second game of the day. The lack of intensity that plagued the Williams offense late in the UVM game continued to cause problems against Middlebury. WUFO was able to take an early lead, but Middlebury was not about to be blown out on their home field. The Pranksters overcame their offensive problems, took the lead at 5-6, and lead 6-8 at half. The game seemed to drag on and on as receivers were unable to hold onto the wet disc or simply fell as they were getting open for a pass due to the muddy conditions. Middlebury was able to maintain their lead, and they stood on the brink of victory at 11-14 in a game to 15 (win by two).

Blaikie continued to motivate WUFO though, and the team became unwilling to lose. Austin Chang ’99 controlled the WUFO offense by making solid passes, Bailey McCallum ’01 made an important defensive block, and WUFO began to mount a comeback. WUFO’s intensity level rose, and the tides quickly turned against the Pranksters. Middlebury had three game points, but the Williams defense denied them time and time again.

Williams continued to battle hard until they had their own game point at 15-14. WUFO was on defense with Middlebury trying to get the disc away from their own endzone. When it counted most, Deichman blocked a pass intended for his man, displaying the amazing defense that is making him a rookie phenom. Thanks to Deichman’s defensive block, WUFO got the disc just outside the Middlebury endzone. The defense was tough, but Niedzwiecki laid out in true superman style for the pass from Fincke, which gave WUFO the win at 16-14. WUFO scored five unanswered points to seal the victory, demonstrating that this team will not give up under any circumstances.

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