Women ruggers annihilate Trinity

Women’s rugby continued their fantastic season and undefeated streak with two more shutouts on Saturday, beating Trinity College 47-0 in the A-side game, and 10-0 in the B-side game. Although Trinity put forth some of the toughest opposition the WWRFC has faced thus far, the Lady White Dawgs played another spectacular game by the book, with all-out play by both the scrum and the line.

The Lady White Dawgs started the game with high intensity, as Trinity women went down repeatedly, sacrificed to the hard tackling of Laura Moberg ’99 and Christine Chan ’99. Rucking was hardcore with excellent scrummie efforts, as Maureen Brudzkinski ’99 repeatedly showed no fear in bringing the ball into rucks. Lineouts were excellent, with exceptional throws by Lizzie Jacobs ’01 and key steals by Jennifer Hurley ’99.

Although the Trinity defense was quick, the lines moved even quicker. One such line, highlighted by beautiful cuts by Natalie Marchant ’01, moved right past Trinity and lead to a 40 yard run by Laura Jacobs ’99 who scored her first try of the game. A fantastic steal off a lineout by rookie Lisa Stern ’02 and a great cowgirl run by Tracy Saylor ’99 set up a strong ruck by Rebecca Rehm ’00. Chan ran with the ball out of the ruck to score her first try of the game, raising the lead to 10-0.

The lead over Trinity continued to grow, as huge runs by Kamille Richards ’00 continued to gain yardage for the WW. A skilled catch by Marchant off a Trinity kick got the ball out to Brudzinski who bolted into the try zone. Off another line, Richards barreled through the Trinity defense, sending the ball out to Marchant and then to Jacobs for her second try of the game, leaving the lead at the half at 20-0.

Trinity returned the second half with renewed intensity, but the Lady White Dawgs were not about to let them score. Arlene Spooner ’99 repeatedly stopped Trinity runs with awesome tackling. A 50-yard run by Richards got the ball up into Trinity territory, where it spent most of the game. A beautiful run by Jacobs, sending the ball down the line to Spooner and out to Julia Cianfarini ’01 for a well-earned try. A few minutes later, Williams rolled over the Trinity scrum in a scrumdown, allowing Beth Friedman ’01 to grab the ball and run a blinding 22 yards into the try zone. Another scrummie try ensued as Chan converted a big kick by Jacobs into her second try of the game, upping the lead to 35-0.

Unrelenting scrummie support, especially by Saylor, and quick lines returned the ball into Trinity territory. Friedman executed a beautiful penalty play, faking out Trinity to run the ball in for her second try. But two tries would not be enough for Friedman, who finished her incredible game with one more try before the whistle, racking up a hat trick. Spooner completed a successful conversion as the rain began to come down, leaving the final score of the A-side game at 47-0.

Cold, hard rain began to come down just in time for the B-side game, but the Killer B’s played as if they did not even notice the tough conditions, nor the fact that they faced a Trinity B-side comprised mostly of A-side players. The first half was scoreless, marked instead by consistently tough play by both sides. Williams refused to allow Trinity to advance, responding to their quick lines with strong tackles, especially by Lynn Lim ’01, who took out Trinity player after player. Stern played another excellent game, consistently offering support to both line and scrum. Cianfarini’s kicks were always long and strong, continually moving the ball upfield.

In the second half Trinity managed to approach the Williams try zone twice, but were held off and sent backfield by strong tackles by Moberg and Chan and huge kicks by Cianfarini. Rookies Anna Macintosh ’02 and Daphina Westbrooks ’01 played excellent scrummie games, teaming with C.J. Tyson ’01 for excellent lifting on lineouts. A great kick by Chan, who chased it down herself, sent the ball out to Sara Hausner-Levine ’02, touching the ball down for her first try of the game.

Her rookie try was immediately repeated, as a nice ruck got the ball out to Susan Kim ’02, who shot it out to Hausner-Levine, dusting multiple Trinity defenders as she sprinted into the try zone for her second try, leaving the final score of the game at 10-0. Soaked but victorious, the Lady White Dawgs repeated the cry they have sent out consistently this season: they are unstoppable and will continue to tear through Division II for the remainder of the season.

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