Ovid’s Corner

Name: Ovid D’Alessandro

Occupation: The kind soul who gives directions in Stetson lobby to all of us who would otherwise be hopelessly lost.

Record: How long have you worked here?

Ovid: I’ve been here five years. I enjoy my job very much. The faculty is wonderful and the students are very respectful.

Record: How long did it take you to figure out Stetson?

Ovid: My entire first year. It’s like a maze.

Record: What’s the longest time someone has been lost?

Ovid: Several people said they had been going around in circles for a while, especially first-year students.

Record: Do professors get lost too?

Ovid: Not really, most professors from other buildings are pretty familiar with the layout.

Record: What did you do before coming to Williams?

Ovid: Well, I graduated high school in 1939 and joined the Service. I was in the U.S. Infantry, in the First Army under General Omar Bradley. I took part in the D-Day invasion of Normandy. General Bradley and General Eisenhower were soldiers’ generals. They came right up to us and spoke with us and encouraged us. I was wounded at St. Lô and received a Purple Heart. World War II was the most wonderful experience in a lifetime. It makes you a better person. When we came back, we could lick anything in civilian life. After the war, I went to college at NYU with the help of the GI Bill. I taught art in elementary and high school and then spent 12 years teaching special education in Bennington. People forget so quickly about what World War II did. Had Europe and the Pacific not been liberated the whole world would be enslaved.

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