One in 2000: Natalie Veras

Name: Natalie Veras

Class Year: 2001

Hometown: New York City

Potential Majors: English and Psychology

Dorm: Prospect West

Motto: “With tranquility, O Lord will I submit to Changes, and place all my trust in Thy goodness and mercy.”

Favorite Advertising Campaign: The “Let’s Talk About Sex” ads in New York

Favorite Number: Seven

Favorite Vegetable: Spinach

Favorite Five Albums: New Kids on the Block “Step By Step,” The Beatles “White Album,” N Sync “N Sync,” Backstreet Boys “Backstreet Boys,” Abba “Gold”

What are you doing here?

In the library? Freaking out, man! This physics is killing me. I’ve been here since this morning. I spent my whole Saturday afternoon here. I have no social life. And it’s funny to think that our parents are actually paying to torture us. You know, when you work at a job, they pay you to do the work, but we’re paying them to give us work. Think about it.

Absolute Truth — yes or no?


And you’re aware of the paradox of saying, absolutely, that there is no absolute truth?


Is there a law you’d most like to break?

I’d like to sleep over at Sawyer. When they turn off all the lights, I bet this would be a really cool place to sleep over and do stuff in. So that’s a rule I’d like to break here.

What did you do this summer?

I worked at a clothing catalogue. I worked with models, fixing them up for the catalogue. I also worked for the different vendors in ordering the clothing.

Milk Dud?

Yeah, thanks.

What is your least favorite thing about Williams?

The fact that the PE classes are at the worst hours. I have classes at the hours they offer PE.

What are you gonna do about it?

Just not take PE and double up on independent fitness.

Why do people eat meat?

I’m not a Bio person, but I think it has to do with protein.

How do you think Williams compares to other colleges?

Well, it’s definitely friendly. When I first came here I kind of freaked out, because I’m from New York so you don’t really smile at people, and when I came everybody was smiling and I thought it was a conspiracy, like everyone was just trying to be stupid. But it gives a very homey feel. It’s very comfortable here. That’s why I think I have to go away.

What advice would you give to your fellow students about making it in the Williams world?

Best singles hangout spot: Sawyer Library basement, after 9 p.m., seven days a week.

How do you feel about inanimate objects? (Some people are indifferent, some endow them with human-like emotion and feeling and endeavor to treat them as well as possible, and some feel themselves in constant conflict with the world of inanimate objects.)

Well, it depends on what the object is. I don’t care what happens to my notebooks, but I have to cover up my teddy bears so they don’t get cold. And I love my clothes. I talk to my clothes.

How were those Milk Duds?

I didn’t eat them. But they’re fun to hold. They’re inanimate objects.

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