Women’s rugby annihilates Springfield

Women’s Rugby had a spectacular weekend, with A and B-side shutouts, reflecting the exceptional teamwork, skill, and desire that has defined the fall season for the WWRFC. The A-side won by an unbelievable margin of 70-0 against Springfield College, while the B-side put forth an equally impressive win of 36-0 against Smith College. Such definitive wins reflect the heart the Lady White Dawgs have put into every minute of play this season.

Saturday was a beautiful day for rugby, and the WWRFC played superbly, combining quick lines, strong support and relentless tackles throughout all 80 minutes of play. Arlene Spooner ’99 maintained her golden foot, starting the scoring off with a penalty kick. Maureen Brudzinski ’99 made numerous rushes through the opposition; one such run got the ball to Laura Jacobs ’99, who faked a defender and scored on her first try of the day. Jacobs’s second try followed soon thereafter, as her excellent support of lightning-fast Kamille Richards ’00 allowed her to receive the ball and touch it down, setting the score at 14-0.

Beth Friedman ’00 combined quick thinking with brilliant plays to force Springfield back towards their try line; a scrumdown got the ball immediately out to Jacobs for yet another try, giving her a hat trick early in the game. A gorgeous pop kick over an incoming defender by Laura Moberg ’99 got the ball upfield again. Richards’ quick grab of the ball and speedy exit upfield gave her a try and Spooner’s successful conversion raised the lead to 26-0. Another WWRFC try followed, creating a lead at 31-0 that Springfield could not touch.

Jacobs continued to play an excellent game, embodying all that is rugby desire and skill, as she kept on scoring. Answering a tackle by Springfield, Jacobs ran in her fourth try of the game. After some strong scrumming down and rucking by the scrum, Emily Eakin ’99 sent a beautiful pass out to Jacobs at the fifty. She promptly darted upfield, evading numerous Springfield defenders to score her fourth try. A successful conversion kick by Julia Cianfarini ’01 upped the score to 43-0. A big run by Spooner got the received kick upfield and after a nice penalty play by Williams the ball shot down the line to Cianfarini, who neatly touched it down over the Springfield try line.

Williams charged on, with great tackles and constant support by Christine Chan ’99 and Tracy Saylor ’99. Lineout steals, courtesy of effective lifting by Rebecca Rehm ’00 and Devon DiClerico ’01, led to two more tries by Jacobs, scoring her second double hat trick in the last two games. Spooner joined in on the fun, performing an excellent v-cut fake to clear her path for her try. Not only linies got to score as Jennifer Hurley ’99 racked up a scrummie try off of a quick exit from a scrumdown on the Springfield 5-meter line, leaving the final score of this outstanding game at an unbelievable 70-0.

The Killer B’s kept up the incredible momentum of the A-side game with their match against Division I Smith College’s B-side. Experienced players and rookies alike worked together to show that the next generation of rugby is just as strong. Karen Allen ’01 was a tackling machine throughout the game. Early on an effective tackle Allen got the ball down the line to rookie Clare Newman ’01, scoring her first try. A nice conversion by Allen gave the Killer B’s a 7-0 lead early on.

A huge tackle by Sara Hausner-Levine ’02 shocked Smith, getting the ball into the hands of Allen and scoring the second try for Williams. An excellent steal by Roshni David ’01 off a Smith lineout sent the ball out to the line with a big run by Lynn Lim ’01, and finally out to Allen, scoring her second try of the game.

Another beautiful lineout by David got the ball into the hands of speedy Natalie Marchant ’01, who the Smith girls could not stop. She scored yet another try for Williams. Marchant continued her excellent play with unstoppable speed, consistent support, and hardcore tackles.

The lineouts continued to effectively get the ball out to the line, with Lynn Lim scoring a try to raise the lead to 24-0, after a conversion by Allen. The rookies continued to make their present felt as much as the more experienced players. Kaitlin Rahl ’02 delivered hard tackle after hard tackle, stopping whatever Smith sent her way with her speed and strength.

The second half brought two huge tries within five minutes of each other by Heidi McGowan ’02, supporting Marchant and receiving the passes to set the ball firmly over the much-frequented Smith try line.

The final score of 36-0 in the B-side game and the 70-0 A-side sent out a warning loud and clear this season: beware of the Lady White Dawgs.

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