Stonehill College no match for rugby

As if the high scores from the Beantown Tournament last weekend were not enough, women’s rugby racked up an incredible 56-0 win over Stonehill College this weekend. The WWRFC continued their undefeated streak with a fantastically played game Saturday, combining unstoppable lines with hardcore rucking that their opponents just could not handle.

The Lady White Dawgs started off strong, right from the beginning of the 80 minute game, winning rucks and scrumdowns that led to a powerful run by Maureen Brudzinski ’99, dishing it off to Laura Jacobs ’99, who scored her first try of the game. Before Stonehill had a chance to react, the Williams women immediately got the ball back downfield, with excellent kicking by Laura Moberg ’99. A strong scrum effort, winning a scrumdown on the five-meter line and immediately getting the ball out to the line, led to Jacobs’s second try of the game.

The momentum did not let up, as the Williams scrum drove over Stonehill repeatedly in rucks, and won lineouts consistently, with excellent lifting by Devon DiClerico ’01 and Rebecca Rehm ’00. A strong hook by Lizzie Jacobs ’01 got the ball out to the line, leading to a big run by Kamille Richards ’00, who dished it off to Jacobs. Jacobs’s excellent fake left the defenders in her wake; her subsequent try upped the lead to 15-0.

Stonehill tried as hard as they could to make headway against the Lady White Dawgs, but they were no match for the tough tackling by both line and scrum. Christine Chan ’99 delivered an especially effective tackle, forcing Stonehill to make a shoddy kick, immediately grabbed by Jacobs, who delivered her fourth try of the game. A successful conversion by Arlene Spooner ’99 set thescore at 22-0. The Lady White Dawgs still did not stop: Richards repeated Jacobs’s try, receiving a Stonehill kick and zooming up the field for her first try of the game, followed by another beautiful conversion by Spooner. Stonehill was elated to hear the whistle, ending the first half with the score at 29-0.

Stonehill prayed for a miracle during the second half, but were disappointed to discover that the WW had no intention of slowing down. The line and scrum continued to work together wonderfully, combining huge runs by the line with powerful rucking. A picture-perfect fake by Beth Friedman ’01 off a penalty play got the ball out to Jacobs, shocking Stonehill with her fifth try of the game.

As if five tries were not enough, Jacobs answered with her sixth try of the game, from Richards. Richards chased her own kick, dished the ball to Jacobs who converted racking up an unprecedented double hat trick.

Huge scrumdowns followed, in which the form and sheer desire of the WW scrum helped the Lady White Dawgs roll over Stonehill time after time. Richards chased down a booming kick by Moberg and dusted every Stonehill defender. With enough time to place her try perfectly, Spooner made her third conversion of the game with ease.

Stonehill tried to make ground with a free kick off a penalty, but that effort was quickly answered with a beautiful line, including a gorgeous fake by Emily Eakin ’99, leading to Richards’s third try of the game. Not content to leave the score at 51-0, the Lady White Dawgs roared on, as Moberg and Karen Allen ’01 annihilated the opposition with their tackling, and the line continually made headway.

A scrumdown at the 5 meter line set the WW in position for another try, as Friedman’s quick thinking and even quicker snatch of the ball lead to the final try of the game. The WWRFC left a lasting impression on Stonehill, with the 56-0 score letting everyone know that the Lady White Dawgs are on the attack this season.

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