Resignation needed for country to begin healing

For the past seven months, the American public has been concerned primarily with a White House intern, a dress from the Gap and a cigar.

We have done nothing but examine the dynamics of executive and attorney-client privilege. So little has been accomplished that all I have left to write about is the stupidity that is the President’s sex life. This preoccupation has gone so far as to obscure the problems facing us domestically and the dangers facing us abroad.

The President, in his address, remarked that the country needed to move on and address these issues. He is quite right, but he shall not lead us. His continued presence in the White House serves only to damage the cause of progressive politics and divert the limited attention span of a nation.

It is past time that the President should stop thinking of himself and start thinking of the future. His resignation is the only solution to a debacle that has gone on long enough.

During the past week, discussion inside the beltway has circled around whether Ken Starr’s report contains evidence of impeachable offenses. Lawyers on either side of the issue have been focused on the legal technicalities inherent in the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors.” However, James Madison and the Founding Fathers designed impeachment proceedings as a purely political process.

And though the support for the President may remain high in the polls, his continued presence in office is politically untenable. There is simply no way that he can continue executing the office of President. He has already been reduced to a figurehead. Now he has become useful only as the butt of jokes and as a topic of conversation for scholars of constitutional law.

Impeachment will serve only to take up the nation’s time and most likely in the end will leave us with an embarrassed President in a diminished office. Resignation now would cauterize the wound and allow the healing to begin. It would be the presidential thing to do for a man who can no longer be president.

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