One in 2000: David Taylor

Name: David Taylor

Class Year: 2000

Residence: Poker Flats F

Major: English

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Hero: Nat Roland

Ambition: To be the best I can be

Seven-word Motto: I don’t have a seven-word motto.

Favorite Five Albums: Chumbawumba – Tubthumper, Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon, That good Wu-Tang album, Led Zeppelin – IV, Louis Armstrong Greatest Hits.

Favorite Documentary Film: I don’t really have one

Favorite Color of Beverage: Dark Brown

Why did you come here?

I visited up for a weekend and really liked it and had a really good time and I didn’t like anywhere else.

Why are you still here?

I like it, I guess. I took a year off, but it’s a good place.

What did you do in your year off?

I traveled and worked. I traveled to Europe for a month and then I worked. I had some. . .jobs. Like I was a house painter and I worked for this really fat guy named Karl and then I was a telemarketer for two days and worked in a law firm for the rest of the time.

What law would you most like to break?


Care to expand on that?

Well, there’s this kid in my English class…

What advice could you give to 1st year students?

Never go into telemarketing. It’s demeaning and it’s not nearly as fun as it sounds.

Rank the importance of developing a meaningful philosophy of life vs. becoming wealthy and talk about the role a liberal arts education plays in the realization of that goal.

I just got out of Econ 101 and I think that, surprisingly, the goal of a liberal arts education in most cases is to get wealthy. Not for me personally, but I’d say largely people are here to increase their wealth.

But you’re more of a life Philosophy guy?

Yeah, but I could cop out at any time. That’s why I’m taking Econ.

What do you look like?

I’m tall, dark and handsome.

Tell us about your high school Spanish Teacher?

I took French.


My high school Spanish teacher was 17, hot, and she wanted me.

Are you going to have hair when you’re 30?

Yes. More hair than I have now.

Talk to me about aging,

I like aging. I don’t have any gray hairs, I don’t have any wrinkles, and you get a lot more respect as a junior than as a sophomore.

So are you wiser?

Yeah, I guess I am. I feel I’m a lot wiser now than I was at the end of last year.

We found you watching Bill Clinton’s testimony in Baxter mailroom. Care to comment on the whole Clinton situation?

I’m sick of it. But then you just saw me watching it, and when the report came out I went to the New York Times page and scrolled down through the whole report until the I got to “talks about sex” and I called my friend up and asked, “Hey did you hear about the cigar?”

What’s the best thing about living in a co-op?

Dinner Parties. I’ve never had dinner parties before, but they’re very classy.

Do you have a punch line to an inside joke I don’t know?

Arrrrrr. . .

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