The Williams Record Women’s Athlete of the Year

Elizabeth Smith ’00

When did you start rowing crew?

I started informally during high school. It wasn’t until my freshman year at college that I started taking it seriously.

Why did you decide to come to Williams?

Williams was the only school that I had heard of that everyone had something good to say about. It also offered an opportunity for a great mix of academics and athletics. It was really a gut reaction.

How important was the athletic department in your decision?

It was important only as far as it offered the opportunity for athletics and academics. It was important that I had the opportunity to do anything that I wanted to do.

Is there a memorable moment from crew that sticks in your head from this year?

Our final race in New England’s. It was the fastest race that I have ever rowed and it was also the best race our boat rowed and it showed.

What advice do you have for athletes at Williams?

Anything is possible. Just because you are at a Div. III school doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve everything that you want to achieve. There is nothing limiting about being at a small program. Keep going for it.

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