Priscilla’s Corner

Record: How long have you worked at Treet Cleaners?

Priscilla: Three years. I was born in Adams, grew up in Cheshire, and now live in Adams again with my husband.

Record: What do you enjoy about your job?

Priscilla: The people are very nice, especially the students. I love dealing with the students because they are very courteous and friendly. On the whole, it’s been fun working here.

Record: What are your interests outside of your job here?

Priscilla: Well, I have my own printing and crafts business in Pittsfield called “Endeavors by Priscilla.” The business is doing very well now, and I enjoy working for myself.

Record: What celebrities from the Williamstown Theater Festival have come in?

Priscilla: Michael Learned, Olympia Dukakis, David Schramm from Wings, and Christopher Reeve. I serve at least 200 people during the summer, and it’s hard to spot everyone. We’ve had our share though.

Record: What strange events have happened here?

Priscilla: None that I am willing to have printed. We’ve had many strange people. Customers come in to pick up dry cleaning that they never dropped off, and then blame us for losing it.

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