WWRFC B’s hit up Vassar

Arriving in Poughkeepsie to take on Vassar, the Williams Women’s Rugby Football Club jogged out onto the pitch with a paltry 20 minutes until game time. Riding on the wings of last week’s solid 15-10 A-Side defeat of UVM and the B-Side’s even more commanding 30-0 annihilation of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, the WWRFC began the game with confidence and dominance.

The White Dawg’s opening drive, marked by Leigh Winter ’99’s solid tackling and teammate’s Arlene Spooner ’99’s precision kicking, saw the WWRFC threatening to invade the Vassar try zone early in the match. The Vassar fullback was able to elude a couple of Williams defenders and carry the ball back into White Dawg territory where she was ultimately taken down by Spooner in a mighty tackle. Despite other magnificent tackles by Scorn Van Horne ’98 and Jess Green ’98, Vassar was able to drive all the way down into the Williams red zone, where their scrum was able to ruck the ball into the try zone for Vassar’s first try of the contest.

This became somewhat of a trend for the Vassar girls, as they were to travel beyond the try line five more times. Despite unflagging intensity exhibited by Anna Rettig ’98 and Christine Chan ’99, who led the scrum in attempts to counter the wheeling Vassar pack, Vassar was able to score try after try. During the second half, Kamille Richards ’00 came in for the Dawgs, adding an element of speed to the A-Side line.

Combining with Spooner and Van Horne for a nifty little run upfield, Richards broke into enemy territory where Rebecca Rehm ’00 spoiled a Vassar lineout. Although the White Dawgs were unable to capitalize upon Richards’s run, she was not finished with Vassar. Following the final A-Side whistle, which ended the contest at 37-0, the Williams B-Side strode out onto the pitch ready to avenge the loss of the A-Side.

Although the B-Side game ended in a 10-10 tie, the Killer B’s truly owned the game. Led by fullback Richards, the White Dawgs opened up the match by a drive upfield culminated by Richards’s 50-meter dash into the Vassar try zone. She eluded at least five tackles along the way and consequently struck terror and awe into the hearts of the Vassar B-Side.

Following their ensuing kickoff, the White Dawgs won a lineout and a Vassar scrummie was demolished by the definitive tackling of rookie powerhouse Sargent Donovan-Smith ’99. Not to be outdone, rookie Devon DiClerico ’01 flattened another Vassar player off a penalty play and impeded their drive downfield.

Following a score by Vassar, the White scrum showed the Burgundy scrum who was boss, setting up an effective weak-side play executed by Spooner and Lynn Lim ’01. Natalie Marchant ’01 removed the ball from a scrumhalf’s possession and proceeded to bound upfield for several meters, much to the distress of the Vassar defense who could not bring her down. Facilitated by clutch tackling by Spooner and DiClerico, Richards took off toward the Vassar try zone once again. Richards clipped and cut her way through the defense and once again found herself across the opposing try zone. Right before half-time, Vassar answered with a try of their own, evening the score at 10-all, where it would remain for the balance of the match.

The second half which was dominated by Williams saw outstanding scrummie play by Roshni David ’01, Jennifer Walcott ’99 and Donovan-Smith. Lisa Wiehl ’01 completed several key tackles on the line, while Richards, Marchant and Emily Eakin ’99 (also playing her second match of the afternoon) ran effective lines up the pitch. The final 10-10 score only hints at the dominance which the B-Side held over the Vassar team.

Heading into their final week of the season, the Lady White Dawgs eagerly anticipate the upcoming contest with arch-rival Amherst next weekend. Captain Tracy Saylor ’99 commented, “We definitely have the skill and the desire necessary to crush Amherst next weekend. It’s just a matter of focusing our energy and concentrating on the task at hand. When we work 15 as one, we are a phenomenal team.”

The White Dawgs will be traveling to the Amherst next Saturday at 11 a.m.

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