Muirhead loss not as big as paper makes it

To the Editor:

April 25, 1998:

It is unfortunate that Russ Muirhead is leaving Williams. You are wrong, however, that his departure eliminates the 200-level political theory offerings. I am unsure where you could have gotten that idea. In the coming academic year, political theory will be taught by Mark Reinhardt, who will be returning from leave, and by Monique Deveaux, whom we hired a year ago but who delayed her arrival by a year so that she could pursue a post-doc at…Harvard. The 200-level theory classes offered next year include Introduction to Modern Political Philosophy, Feminist Political Theory, Multiculturalism and Political Theory, and Continental Philosophy.

In addition, theory will be offering Moral and Political Reasoning, Fugitive Identities, and the senior seminar in political theory.

Sure, more would be better. But seven political theory classes in one year is not a shortage. I have to correct one other misconception. You imply that political theory is central to a liberal arts education. It is important, but not central. It is international politics, of course, that is central.

Cheryl Shanks

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