Art’s Corner

Record: How long have you worked at B&L Mobil?

Art: I’ve owned this place for 31 years.

Record: You are rumored to be able to remember the name of everyone you meet. Is this true?

Art: Not everyone, but quite a few people. I’m a townie, born and raised here. I know almost every house in town. People are important to me.

Record: How has Williams changed in your lifetime?

Art: Not much. There are more students and buildings but this place doesn’t change much at all. Progress has changed some things. There used to be four doctors, a dentist, a lawyer, a courthouse, two drugstores, and a Chevrolet dealership on Spring Street.

Record: What do you think of Williams students?

Art: My father was a janitor at Williams. They are the same fine nice people they’ve always been. I’ve never had any problems, they’re fantastic. I hope Williams stays just like it is.

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