Will’s Corner

Record: How long have you worked at the snack bar?

Will: Since September.

Record: Where do you go to school?

Will: I attend Berkshire Community College where I’m a criminal justice major.

Record: What are you planning to do with your degree?

Will: I want to work for the DEA [Drug Enforcement Agency]. I have very strong beliefs against those things. I need a master’s degree to be eligible, so after this year I have four more years of school. I also need to be fluent in another language. Some students at Williams have offered to help me learn Spanish.

Record: What’s your impression of the students here?

Will: Most are down-to-earth friendly people. I’m friends with a lot of them.

Record: Do you like working at the snack bar?

Will: Yeah, I get free food and good pay.

Record: You’ve also been spotted working at Jiminy Peak. What do you do there?

Will: I run a lift.

Record: Does that require any training?

Will: No. It’s a no-brainer.

Record: What’s happened while you’ve run a chair lift?

Will: Many people lose their skis and poles. People also get hit by the chairs as they get on the ski lift. A couple didn’t get off at the top and went around and back down. There’s usually lots of laughs.

By Phil Swisher

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