Cohan column offensive to racial groups

To the Editor:

April 20, 1998:

We write to you out of concern regarding Doug Cohan’s article in last week’s Record, entitled “Doug’s Take on Spring Break.” Cohan’s tired commentary on the phenomenon of Spring Break was made only moderately interesting by his unbelievably offensive and belittling comments about Mexico. Perhaps he was attempting humor when he characterized an entire nation as little more than a beer-drenched vacation stop for obnoxious, self-important adolescents, but his weak jabs did little more than incite anger.

His ignorance is appalling, as is the fact that Features Editors Tobey Adler and Hilary Barraford allowed his article to ever disgrace their pages.

When he writes that “supposedly there are some nifty temples and ruins, and other cool, important things going on like struggles for equality and repression and stuff,” he not only sounds like an ass, but he belittles one of the greatest and oldest civilizations known to man, as well as the hardship and suffering endured by many Mexicans, both historically, and presently, in Chiapas.

This article will undoubtedly be defended as a satire, of Spring Break, perhaps, or of the attitudes of superficial, elitist college students. His article does not reflect that position, unfortunately. This isn’t clever satire, or even satire at all. Instead of a cultural critique of the vacationing student, he offers insults and negative stereotyping. Perhaps he wasn’t being totally serious, but the result is very serious indeed.


The decision to run an article in the Record is ultimately the decision of the executive board. All columns express the opinions of the authors and not necessarily those of the Record.

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