John’s Corner

Record: How long have you owned Hot Tomatoes?

John: Exactly four years yesterday.

Record: What did you do before you owned your store?

John:I was a flight instructor and I owned an air cargo transportation company.

Record: Where were you the morning of Sunday March 29th, the morning of the Spring Street fire which severely damaged Colonial Pizza?

John: I was sleeping.

Record: Can anyone verify that?

John: My wife and three kids.

Record: Do you have enough experience with electrical engineering to cause an electrical fire?


Record: What is your relationship with Constantine, the owner of Colonial Pizza?

John: I grew up here, went to Mt. Greylock High School, and was a very good customer of his. I wouldn’t have started that fire because I have been friends with the owner of Cobble Cafe since high school.

Record: You have many unique pizza topping combinations; who comes up with the menu?

John: My wife and I do.

Record: What’s your favorite pizza?

John: Fresh tomato with fresh basil.

Record: You’ve bought the building next to Hot Tomatoes. What are you remodeling it into?

John: We’re creating a restaurant with full take-out meals, similar to an upscale Boston Market.

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