Hal’s Corner

Record: Hal, How did Toonerville Trolley get its name?

Hal: The Toonerville part comes form an old Sunday comic strip. I used to sell records out of a big yellow van that looked like a trolley.

Record: Have you been in the music business your whole life?

Hal: No, I used to teach high school English in Manchester, VT.

Record: What do you think of the Williams music scene?

Hal: I really like it, so much goes on. They have some really great stuff. I really enjoy doing business in Williamstown. One of the great attractions here is the music. Between Williams, the Clark (art institute), and Bennington, there’s always plenty to listen to.

Record: What kind of music do you like?

Hal: My favorites are jazz and classical, but I like everything.

Record: How would you characterize your relationship with the students?

Hal: I’m not sure, but I hope it’s good. I’m in town because of the college.

Record: Do you stock much country music?

Hal: No, not too much. I love traditional country, but there isn’t too much demand for it. Album sales depend on radio exposure, so WCFM has a big influence on buying habits. There isn’t much country on WCFM.

Record:Anything else?

Hal: I thinkn someone should write an informal history of rock and roll at Williams. So many great bands have played here, it’s a shame no one has catalogued them. I hear that Pink Floyd once played here.

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