Gettin’ some in the sun

Starting Friday, Williamstown will become a much quieter place for the two weeks of spring break. Security will be lonely, the snack bar will be closed, and the faculty will be enjoying their respite. While the community misses the vibrant and colorful students, they will be off with their teams, relaxing, or escaping the rigors of the academic year.

Many Ephs are spending their spring break with their teams in a warm climate. The women’s crew team is traveling to Myrtle Beach, SC. In addition to rowing for six hours per day, the team will “try to go go-kart racing, and go to the beach and swim if it’s warm enough,” said Heather Rutherford ’99.

The men’s rugby team is spending their break in London. “We’re going to learn rugby from the best in the world, and sample English culture and traditions,” commented Jack Haney ‘99.

The track teams are traveling to Las Vegas for invitational meets and better nightlife. Distance runner Meg Randall ’99 discussed the team’s plans, “We’re going to train in dry, warm weather. We have two meets scheduled in California, and are hoping to get tickets to Wrestlemania in Vegas.”

Not everyone is planning an active vacation. Masato Sudo ’01 discussed his relaxed plans: “I’m going to Canada fishing for a week, then sitting on my butt watching videos at home for the rest of break.”

Students aren’t the only ones enjoying the break. Economics professor Elizabeth Brainerd is planning to spend some time with her family. “I’m going to visit my 97 year-old grandfather in Cleveland. I can’t think of a better way to spend spring break.”

Most Dining Services employees will have the two weeks off. Marge Rancatti from Driscoll has big plans for her vacation, explaining, “I’m going to Vegas with my husband to do some gambling and check out the sights.”

Security will be faithfully protecting the students who remain on campus. Director of Security Jean Thorndike-Wilson does have special plans, however. “I’m going to Virginia Beach to visit my daughter, and I hope to see the men’s basketball playoffs in Salem,” said Thorndike-Wilson. When asked about the students, she added, “I always miss the students during vacations. It’s a real drag when they’re not around.”

Security Officer Matt Boyer is honing his skills over spring break. “I’m going to Boston for interviewing and interrogation training. I’ll be focusing mostly on interviewing.” Officer Jill Taylor will be “closing dormitories and spending more time with my 9 year-old daughter.”

Those leaving the Purple Valley for warmer weather should not forget those left behind. The address for Dining Services is Dining Services / Williams College / Williamstown, MA 01267. To send a postcard to Security, address it to Campus Security / Williams College/ Williamstown, MA 01267.

Security encourages all students to remember their room keys when departing campus. Baxter Hall will be closed Saturday April 4, but open from 8AM to 1AM on Sunday, April 5. Thorndike-Wilson suggests that students returning April 5 leave room keys in their SU boxes. Avi Raina ‘01 suggests to all Ephs, “Enjoy civilization while it lasts; you’ll be back here before you know it.”

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