Spring Street Blues

Monday 3-2-98

1:50am Fire alarm from Griffin. Problem indicated water flow pressure to sprinkler system. Officers found flooding in basement mechanical room. Plumber and Fire Safety technician paged in.

9:55am Fire alarm from Griffin. Waterflow problem caused by plumbing contractor.

6:34pm Recorded emergency message from Stetson elevator. Officer investigated and no problem at the time but earlier problem was determined and elevator contractor was notified to check.

9:10pm Intrusion from Jesup. Caused by student staff.

11:39pm Fire alarm from Museum. No apparent cause. System reset.

Tuesday 3-3-98

12:21pm Fire alarm from Griffin. Activated detector outside classroom 5. No apparent cause.

4:50pm Water leak in Chemistry Lab 5. B&G notified for repair in morning.

7:40pm Intrusion from the Museum. No apparent cause. System reset.

Wednesday 3-4-98

12:01am Fire alarm from Morgan. Cause was discharged fire extinguisher. Area ventilated. Custodial Supervisor paged for cleaning of dry-chemicals.

12:43pm Theft of a personal item reported in the Museum. Item was eventually recovered.

1:00pm Motor vehicle accident of corner of Park and Whitman Sts. Williamstown Police on the scene.

Thursday 3-5-98

2:21am Intrusion from Jesup. Building was found to be improperly secured by Monitor. Secured and reset.

8:16pm High Temp. Alarm from the Hockey Rink. Officers checked and had steamfitter paged.

9:02pm Several problems with Trinity students at basketball game. One Trinity student arrested by Williamstown Police Dept.

Friday 3-6-98

2:03am Noise complaint from Bryant. Officers found loud music in basement with no one present. Music turned off.

2:25am Fire alarm from Garfield. Cause was smoking.

3:15am Fire alarm from Sage. Cause was a pulled station at 1st floor F entry.

6:56am Intrusion from Hopkins Observatory. Audible alarm also activated but no apparent cause. System reset.

Saturday 3-7-98

11:32am Intrusion from BMC Projection Booth. Caused by staff.

10:43pm Bascom 3rd floor bathroom plumbing problem. Plumbers advised that this is a chronic problem.

11:28pm Noise complaint from Gladden. Students advised and turned down the music.

Sunday 3-8-98

12:08am Noise complaint from town resident concerning noise of Dodd party. Music was turned down.

12:15am Report of students on Currier roof. Students were asked to leave the roof.

1:19am Report of 2 more students on Currier Ballroom Roof. Students were escorted off.

1:35am Noise complaint from Tyler. All quiet upon Officer’s arrival.

2:15am Fire alarm from Prospect. Cause was undetermined.

10:38am Intrusion from the Chandler Pool Office. Cause unknown.

12:06pm Assist Professor whose vehicle is stuck in the mud at Doughty.

5:11pm Broken glass in door at Mark Hopkins A. Carpenters advised.

7:25pm No heat complaint from off-campus Faculty housing. Officer was able to restart furnace.

7:36pm Damaged door handle at Morgan East entry door. Carpenter paged in for repair.

During the one week period from 3-2-98 through 3-8-98 Security performed 110 transports and 66 room openings.

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