One in 2000: Mike Barkin

Residence: Pratt

Hometown: Denver, CO

Possible Major: Economics

Hero: Roger of St. Pierre’s. Who else in Williamstown has lines form just to sit in his chair?

Ambition: To be on the sidelines for the next Denver Broncos Superbowl victory

Any personal motto or theme song: “One man can make a difference, but every man should try.” -JFK

Favorite dining hall meal: Chicken cutlet, no, I take that back, grilled cheese and tomato soup. We don’t like anything too complicated with a big name.

Favorite drink: Gotta be the mind eraser.

All-time favorite album: That’s tough. My current favorite is One Fell Swoop— Bang Bang.

Favorite South Park character: Kenny. He’s just so damn endearing when he blows up.

Favorite article of clothing: Heh heh. No, that would be inappropriate.

A person whose life you’d most like to emulate: See, I think Thomas Jefferson did some great stuff, but I’m not sure I’d like to emulate him.

A person whose life you’d most like to take: Bob Saget. I hate those home videos.

Mike, what are your plans for spring break?

Spring Break ’98 in Cancun. Fifteen of us are headed for the beach and the bar, oh yeah and the bikinis. We thought we might try the real college experience.

You’re from Denver, how did you feel about the Superbowl?

One of the happiest moments of my life. Anybody that had any doubts about the Broncos, or has ever had a problem with John Elway can finally be quiet.

You have an older brother in the class of ’98 do you feel you’ve been living in his shadow?

Well, my brother may be bigger than me, and may cast a small shadow over me, but in all honesty it’s been great having him and the boys at Slippery B around for the last two years.

Are you planning on studying away next year?

Yeah, I think I’m going to go to Denmark in the Spring. I figure a little time in an English-speaking country in Europe with lots of tall blonde girls and plenty of beer couldn’t hurt a kid’s education.

Your motivations seem pretty adolescent, Mike, how do you feel about that?

I’m not sure my experience in Europe is really aimed at gaining a great deal of responsibility. I’m hurt you don’t feel I’m more mature.

Mike, do you identify more with Han or Luke?

The girl or the universe? Quite the conundrum. You gotta go with Luke, and save all the girls.

If you could have a monument built to you on the Williams campus, what and where would it be?

I think I’d build Barkin House. Where would I have it? Well… location’s not so important, but it would be a combination of Mission and the row houses, with nice architecture (unlike Mission), lots of roomy singles, a dining hall with my favorite foods at every meal, and a huge ballroom with parties every Friday and Saturday night that don’t adhere to the party policy.

Sounds lively. Any parting words?

Williams JV Lacrosse team. I just thought we should get our name in the paper.

By Lizzie O’Leary

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