Newspaper uninformed on ski team

To the Editor:

March 3, 1998:

I am writing to express disappointment and sadness with the Features article on the Williams College Ski Team in the Feb. 24, 1998 edition of the Record. As former captain of the Alpine ski team, I have to say that not only does this uninformed article shed very little light on the current events that have transpired on the mens’ and womens’ Alpine ski teams, but its tone and focus compromise the already precarious situation that has enveloped the two teams.

Before writing presumptuous articles of this nature, which are interlaced with untrue speculations about the motives and reasons behind people’s actions and filled with misconstrued beliefs and opinions about a team’s past history and training regime, I suggest you check the veracity of your sources and take the time to understand the situation you are trying to document.

Justin Yarmark ‘98

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