Spring Street Blues

Monday 2-23-98

9:15am WCMA Security reported one of the Ju Ming sculptures near the WCMA had been tipped over onto its side sometime this past weekend.

1:35pm Fire alarm from Poker Flats. Cause was aerosol-cleaning agent.

3:12pm Student driver observed driving fast and erratic onto Driscoll Drive. Also parked illegally.

Tuesday 2-24-98

1:25am Damaged window on south side of Towne Field House reported.

6:31am Intrusion alarm from the Musuem. Activated by custodians.

9:45am Report of burning electrical odor in Baxter near telephone office. No source could be identified. Electrician and Fire Marshal advised to check.

Wednesday 2-25-98

8:20pm Intrusion from Jesup. Officers found zone indicated secure. No apparent cause.

10:16pm No power reported in Morgan W. Breaker reset.

11:47pm Report from Nurse at the Health Center that they have an unidentified audible alarm ringing. Officers found this to be an alarmed inner office door. Reset.

Thursday 2-26-98

12:36am Ceiling leak in Fayerweather. Carpenters at B&G advised in morning for non-emergency repair.

4:44pm High heat complaint from Woodbridge. Officer determined a steamfitter needed to be pages to address problem.

5:50pm Plumbing problem in Bascom 3rd floor bathroom. Officer corrected.

10:46pm Low heat complaint from Dodd. Problem was determined to be able to be addressed the next morning. Message left for steamfitter.

11:58pm Noise complaint concerning loud saxophone playing in Greylock Quad. Saxophonist had succumbed to critics before Officers’ arrival.

Friday 2-27-98

2:52am Intrusion from Jesup. Writing Workshop. No apparent cause. System reset.

6:34am Intrusion from Baxter Purchaser’s Office. Caused by staff.

7:21am Intrusion from the Observatory. No apparent cause. System reset.

9:15am 911 call for Ambulance for an elderly person at Hockey Rink. Individual was checked out by ambulance personnel and determined to not need transport.

6:07pm High Temp. alarm from Bronf. 256 refrigerated unit. Temperature had risen above acceptable limit. Door was possibly kept open too long. Temperature was returning to below the established level. System reset.

6:30pm Call to Lasell student and ambulance staff. Student with severe back and head pain being transported to the Hospital.

Saturday 2-28-98

12:59am Fire Alarm at Sage C. Cause was burnt popcorn. Officers had a problem with a student complying with evacuation procedure.

11:40am Assist collapsed individual in BMC. Person was transported to hospital via ambulance.

4:50pm Toilet reported damaged at the Log. Plumber paged in for repair.

10:00pm Student reported someone throwing snowballs at his car to activate the alarm system causing possible damage to car.

Sunday 3-1-98

11:51am Burglary alarm from Miller House. Someone apparently left and armed the system without being aware there was still one Prof. Inside.

3:34pm Spider web break in glass at Carter 15C door.

6:43pm High heat complaint from Stetson AV area. Steamfitter paged.

7:23pm Call to assist at the Health Center concerning a student with chest pains. Student was transported to hospital via ambulance.

8:23pm High heat complaint from Tyler. Officer determined a problem existed and steamfitter was paged.

From 2-23-98 through 3-1-98 Security performed 125 transports and 70 room openings.

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