One in 2000: Heidi Fischer

One in 2000: Heidi Fischer ’98

Residence: Chadbourne

Hometown: Princteon, NJ

Major: English

Hero: There’s this guy, um I mean, it’s not someone I know at all, but someone I saw driving in a car in Santa Fe who just floored me. But when I think of just archetypal amazing person, he’s the one. Shefali claims to have seen him in Williamstown.

Ambition: If I can make it through graduation and not sob hysterically I’ll be really proud of myself. If I can not need therapy through that, that’d be fabulous.

Any personal motto or theme song: Well, if you listen to my radio show, there’s two songs that we play just about every time. Guantanemera, a brazilian song by Jorge Ben, and then Bad Girls, by Donna Summer. I honestly think we’ve played them every single time. But they’re so great.

Favorite dining hall meal: Um, can I change that to Clarksburg? My new obsession at Clarksburg is the cardamom buns. And you know that I really like you when I give you a cardamom bun.

Favorite drink: The extra ginger brews, and someone else has caught on, because they’ve been running out in the snack bar and it’s really been killing me.

All-time favorite album: Let’s see here. I don’t own it, but the huge collection of Aretha Franklin that they have down in the station, I’ve just got to own it someday because it’s wonderful.

Favorite article of clothing: This dark blue crushed silk dress. It’s sleevless, with two slits up the side, mildly see-through, many stories. Someone who had a strange obsession with me in high school sent it to me. I guess I should have sent it back, that would have been the honorable thing to do, but I really like it, and what’s he going to do with it anyway?

A person whose life you’d most like to emulate: I really like Diane Walker, the woman who came and did a tap residency. She took up tap when she was 28, so started really late. She’s just all love. She’s sort of got feelers out when you walk in the room— a really great person. She sort of comes to mind.

A person whose life you’d most like to take: Oh huh- that’s hard. I don’t know man, I’m sort of a pacifist.

So Heidi- you have six days until the infamous 100 Days party. Are you planning any nefarious acitivy? Have any lists made?

Ah, lists, lists. It’s been a subject of converstaion, but I haven’t actually written out a list. I feel like it’s one of those things like when you write a “to do” list, there’s really no point. These things that are so legendary are so dangerous. A friend of mine made a Freudian slip and called it the Hundred Nights party, which I think makes sense. I also think I’m a little suspicious. I think — last chance dance— I expect a major sketch-fest. But I don’t know about 100 Days. It seems a little premature.

I’ve heard you’re an expert on romantic dances, though. Can you tell us a little bit about your flamenco experiences?

They were amazing when I studied abroad in Granada. There are these caves up on this hill, and they just dance all night. From 11pm until 7 or 8 am. It’s like these bars in these caves. People just dance and drink. You sort of walk home with the sun rising… so I was just really blown away by that sort of dedication to enjoying life. I hope I’ll keep it up. I haven’t been here.

Do you think something like that would work in Williamstown? Maybe out on Stone Hill?

Yeah. Just— anything that’s really open 24 hours would work in Williamstown.

I’m not going ask you what you’re really doing next year— but if you had a year to play— ie: a fantasy year— what would it consist of?

Next year is a year to play. So hopefully it’s fantasy and reality merged. I’m going to this magical land, where its always sunny. No men wear white baseball caps. I see myself eating really well, definitely dancing. I have to find flamenco in the area. And- -just Being for awhile. I guess I need a job or something. But I figure something will work out. I’d like to be with my friends, transport them. And we’d just cook all the time. I think it’s gonna happen. Not for life, just for the year, I’d say.

Well, we’re running out of space, do you have any last words that you’d like to add?

Well- okay. Basically we have this deck on the back of Chadbourne, and it’s probably the only redeeming feature of this house, and all Spring we’re going to have barbecues. Everyone is invited. We’re definitely going to be living it up. That’s going to be happening. There will always be Clarksburg goodies. The endless supply… And single women. The temporary supply. Final thought to send out: I’m going to be here this summer, and I’d love to know who else is going to be having this summer bliss with me in the Berkshires.

by Lizzie O’Leary

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