Joe’s Corner

Record: How long have you worked at the Williamstown Post Office?

Joe: 27 years.

Record: What makes you stay?

Joe: I like people. I’ve done every job in the place, and the most fun is working the service counter. The students are wonderful; I’ve never had a problem.

Record: What strange things have you mailed?

Joe: I mailed a balloon to Pittsfield, and it was delivered intact. I’ve also mailed many pumpkins and corn on the cob.

Record: What else has happened?

Joe: Early in my career, I delivered a 38 year old letter. It was addressed to a student here, and had 5 cents postage due. We couldn’t track down his address, but we found that the present dean of the college had been his roommate. The man received his letter mailed to him in college, at age 57. We waived the 5 cents.

Record: Are most letters delivered sooner?

Joe: Yes.

Record: What have you refused?

Joe: I don’t think I’ve ever refused anything, except for size restrictions.

Record: Do you let your brother [Roger from St. Pierre’s Barbershop (see Record issue 1/27/98)] cut your hair?

Joe: Yes I do.

Record: Does he cut it for free?

Joe: Yes, our mother makes him. She lives next door to me.

Record: Who’s older?

Joe: That’s a secret. I always say Roger’s older.

Roger was reached for comment while working at the barbershop.

Roger: According to mom, she’s known him longer. And I have more hair.

Anonymous sources within the barbershop confirm that Joe is older, and suggest that Joe wears a toupee.

Roger: My brother doesn’t wear a toupee.

Record: What tricks have you played on Joe while growing up?

Roger:He was older, so most tricks were played on me. He was a real brat [laughs]. In order to eat all the cookies he’d tell me that he spit on them.

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