Spring Street Blues

Monday 2-16-98

11:24am Power out in Poker Flats B. Breaker Reset.

11:50pm Power out in Susie Hopkins kitchen. Breaker reset.

5:27pm Heat complaint in the Crew Room at the Gym. Steamfitter paged.

7:03pm No heat complaint from Armstrong.

7:20pm Student reported a stolen Walkman from a bench in the Fitness Center.

7:57pm Intrusion from Jesup. Caused by student staff.

Tuesday 2-17-98

3:35am Fire alarm from Perry. Cause was a candle burning.

12:20pm Fire alarm from Poker Flats. Cause was steam from shower.

11:25pm Fire alarm from mission. Cause was burnt food.

Wednesday 2-18-98

12:04am Assist students accessing bathroom in Woodbridge.

12:19am Call from Woodbridge to check the attic for someone possibly being up there.

2:02pm Damaged door at Mission Park North exterior door. Tampering with candy machine in vending area found.

5:20am Campus wide power dip caused power to be out from a few seconds to several minutes throughout the whole campus.

7:03pm Heat complaint from Dodd. Steamfitter was paged.

7:33pm Fire alarm from Susie Hopkins. Caused by cooking.

8:40pm Assist student having an asthma attack at Griffin Hall. 911 activated. Student transported by North Adams Ambulance to the hospital.

Thursday 2-19-98

1:42am Intrusion from Jesup. Students exiting through Emergency Exit Only alarmed doors.

7:25pm Plumbing problem at Morgan. Officers were able to correct.

11:24pm Call to the Log for assisting with crowd control and access.

Friday 2-20-98

1:40am Fire alarm from Thompson. Cause was pulled alarm station at 1st floor East entry.

1:58am Loud music complaint from Prospect. Officer found a registered party was ending. Music was turned down.

2:48am Resident of Park St. reports loud group of students, some in cars, maintaining disturbing late night activity between Tyler, Thompson and Mission over past few days and weeks. Officers asked to maintain more vigilant patrol of this area.

3:58am Call to check out a person sleeping in Williams D entry. Officer found a student and assisted to his dorm.

9:45am Gilbane Construction and E.C.I. Construction reported signs stolen from the Science Quad construction site.

11:37pm Fire alarm from Williams. Cause was burnt popcorn.

Saturday 2-21-98

1:55am Fire alarm from Sage. Cause was a pulled alarm station on 2nd floor B entry.

9:25am Greylock kitchen staff reported a problem with exhaust fans not working. Electrician paged.

10:03am Intrusion from Jesup. Caused by student staff.

3:53pm Turf damage from vehicle(s) driving on lawn outside AMT downstage found. B&G Grounds notified.

Sunday 2-22-98

12:50am Intrusion from Chandler Gym Coaches Office area. Officers found a door in need of repair. Locksmith paged in.

12:58am Disturbance call to Garfield. Officers checked and found incident was apparently over.

2:56am Noise complaint from Mission. Officers found a party in Armstrong was breaking up.

11:08am Intrusion from Jesup. Caused by student staff.

1:11pm Intrusion from Chandler Pool Officer. Caused by staff.

From 2-16-98 through 2-22-98 Security performed 103 transports and 68 room openings.

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