Brian’s Corner

Record: Why did you choose to locate Universal Health Foods in Williamstown?

Brian: My niece is a student here, and there was a prime empty location. [Brian owns three other stores located in the Bronx, Pembroke Pines, FL, and Atlanta, GA.]

Record: Where did you live before you came here?

Brian: I lived in the Bronx once I left the military.

Record: What did you do in the military?

Brian: I was a helicopter flight instructor in the Army. I’m current in five different helicopters and I instructed in three of them, including the Blackhawk.

Record: Have you flown any helicopters in Williamstown?

Brian: No.

Record: Could you?

Brian: Yes.

Record: You sell a Stallion shake in your juice bar. What’s in it?

Brian: A lot of aphrodisiacs. We also have smoothies made without dairy products, which have been very popular.

Record:How was your grand opening?

Brian: It went well. We had reps from vitamin companies and we gave away many product samples. Right now we’re in a trial period, we’re seeing what our customers want us to stock. Fresh fruit has been a very popular item. The location is very convenient, so many students have come down for groceries.

Record: What are your future plans for the store?

Brian: I want to provide a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. I don’t just want to be a store, I want to provide information on nutrition and our full array of herbs. I want customers to feel comfortable just coming in for advice and information. In the spring, I want to organize nature herb tours where a guide shows us the types and uses of herbs growing naturally in the surrounding area.

Record: Anything else?

Brian: We’re giving away lots of free vitamins. If you want us to stock something, tell us and we’ll have it within a few days.

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