Raina too quick to condemn

Most of the time, I allow my senior apathy to carry me through my last days at Williams College.

Recently, however, Avi Raina ‘01 and his condescending and myopic opinions have shocked me out of my happy funk.

The question that I must ask is: Avi, are you serious?

I understand that this might be a difficult concept for you to understand, but college is supposed to be fun. College is supposed to be the last time in your life when you can be foolish and irresponsible.

College is the unique gateway between the child-like life of irreverence and the adult life of responsibility.

Being “unproductive” and lackadaisical during January is my right, my privilege.

You’ve already gotten into Williams, so eat some fiber and relax.

I am proud to admit that my Winter Study course was entitled “How to Brew Beer.”

I went on the field trips, I drank a few beers, I relaxed.

I went to the Pub, and I am not ashamed to say that every bouncer and bartender knows me by my first name.

For me, that was the point of Winter Study.

I also worked four different jobs, volunteered every weekend and got a job for after graduation.

That was also the point of my Winter Study.

Winter Study is supposed to be fun, and each and every one of us at this diverse school of 2,000 has a different definition.

Individuals come to Williams for different reasons.

Some come for the scenery, or the art department, or the sports teams.

But we all came here to get an education, because Williams houses some of the greatest minds in the country.

No one here is any better or any worse than the next student, and the crusade to label and condemn anyone is obnoxious and short-sighted.

I hate to pull rank, but the impressions gained by a student in the first six months at this fine institution are lacking a full understanding of this place.

The observations made by this inexperienced first-year student insult those older than him.

This is, in no way, a personal attack on the author, but, instead, a comment on his need to categorize the social habits of those he has deemed unworthy of his approval.

This social Puritanism prescribed for Winter Study is ludicrous.

Sometimes a beer is just a beer.

Sometimes, a month of people throwing parties is just a month of people throwing parties. It is not a sign of the downfall of Williams, nor of the downward spiral of American culture. To some people, it’s fun to have a party, so who are you to judge?

Typically, the only one faster than a student on a beer run is the one who condemns him.

Often, that is the problem with Williams College. Too often, many students see this school as a transitional point and not as a destination.

Too often, we see this place as four years of tolerance and a bridge to later wealth, fame and scholarship.

We scurry along, day after day, our stares focused on the ground so as no to make eye contact with anyone else, and miss exactly what we shouldn’t.

This is a place dominated by so many Alpha-type personalities, so many voices that demand that everyone conform to their own vision, that we often lose sight of what really should be going on.

Men and women, jocks and nerds, queers and straights, spend so much time persecuting one another that each loses sight of what they once were, what they could be, without all the bickering.

If you want a broadening of minds, it is best to start with your own.

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