One in 2000: Eain Williams

Residence: Fay 2

Hometown: Newport News, VA

Possible Major: No Comment.

Hero: The Hulk. The green guy.

Ambition: At this point, to graduate.

Any personal motto or theme song: Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It.

Favorite dining hall meal: Lettuce.

Favorite drink: I have to say Ameretto sours. Shaken, not stirred

All-time favorite album: Must be Dee-Lite’s World Clique

Favorite Article of clothing: Of course the belt. I mean it has so many uses. When I say so many, I mean so many…

A person whose life you’d most like to emulate: Leonardo Dicaprio, but not for the reason you think. He’s got the best of both worlds.

A person whose life you’d most like to take: That kid back in grade school who kept taking my ice cream.

Did you have any great Valentine’s Day plans?

Going out with the fly girls of the odd quad, you know who you are, and maybe spicing up the life at williams.

Keeping black saturday in mind, what was the worst date or romantic experience you’ve ever had?

The worst experience was, I met this girl in school and she kept calling me and calling me, but I was never there and finally, when she got me on the phone, she actually wanted to ask me about someone else who went to my school. It wouldn’t have been traumatic if it hadn’t been the person I hated most.

You’re from Virginia, what’s your reaction to a Williams Winter?

First of all, I’m loving this El Nino thing, and to tell you the truth, southerners are still afraid of the north, but, I don’t know, it hasn’t been that bad. I thought it would be so much worse than it is.

Is your entry going to build any snow sculptures for Winter Carnival?

Um… I don’t know.

If you personally got to design a huge snow sculpture for Chapin lawn, what would it be?

I’d build a monument to the greek god of love, and Bacchus, so we could have some real fun, some hook-ups could start happening on this campus.

And if you got to add a store to Spring Street?

Ahh- I’d bring this woman from Northampton called the bearded lady and put a tatoo and piercing parlor there, along with an s&m store. Everyone should be forced to get a piercing somewhere, your choice of course.

Have you ever been arrested?

No- I’ve never been arrested, but I have been handcuffed before.

On to a more G-rated topic, can you tell us a memory from your childhood?

There was that one time I was bitten, but that was only by a dog.

Interview question time: If you were standed on a desert island with three people and three objects, what would they all be?

A genie, because we’re gonna have to get off this island some damn time. I’ll come back to the other objects. The people: um, in all seriousness, if I had to pick three people, two of them would have to be friends. Two people who always make me laugh, Ticia and Linda, because they have mad jokes, and the third person would have to be some superstar because if I’m gonna be trapped on that island he or she will have to be there too. Definitely a radio, because some people can’t stand my singing all the time (Linda). So that’s two objects. And the third would have to be a McDonald’s, because someone’s always wanting to have burgers and stuff.

One last question, how do you know everybody on this campus?

I don’t know. Well — let’s just say that the line to the beer keg used to be a long line. Now, the cup doesn’t runneth over anymore.

Any last words?

To all the awesome people, thanks.

By Lizzie O’Leary

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