I.M. Hoops: Tons of Fun

For the past two seasons, there has been a massive force in the IM basketball world. Tons of Fun is a team composed solely of Williams football offensive linemen. With an average height of 6’3” and an average weight of 270 lbs., they are an intimidating sight for opposing teams. Freshman Mayur Deshmukh was just such an opponent. “It’s pretty scary to walk into a gym and see guys as big as trees. Lucky they can’t play basketball.”

Former JV basketball player Greg Butz ’00 discussed the team’s strategy. “We’re not a run and gun team. We like to slow the game down and make it more physical. We should get six fouls a game; it’s rough in there.” Team co-founder John Pope ’98 was more succinct: “domination.”

This year, Tons of Fun finished 5-3, a far cry from last year’s 2-9 performance. “We proved this year that we have some skill,” commented Becker. Team co-founder Lee Kindlon ’98 added, “We have bursts of athleticism.” Kindlon and Pope started the team last year as a part of the off-season conditioning program. The team’s goal, according to Becker, is “to promote excellence in aerobic fitness.”

Pope, a mainstay on the Eph offensive line, is also known for his grace and agility on the court. “John reminds me of a gazelle,” said Becker. Kindlon remarked on Pope’s “bursts of speed which inspire us all.” Miles Baltrusaitis ’00 mentioned Pope’s “unparalleled athletic ability.” When asked, Pope characterized himself as “catlike,” but upon further reflection revised his estimate to “more rhino or elephant-esque.”

The team’s prospects are bright. Only Pope and Kindlon graduate, and the nucleus of talented underclassmen will remain intact for years to come. Becker is extremely confident as he looks ahead to his final season of IM basketball. “I predict we win the whole thing next year.” Butz went even farther, confidently predicting, “We will go undefeated.”

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