Bruce’s Corner

Record: How long has your family been in business here?

Bruce Goff: My parents started Goff’s in 1969. I graduated from Williams in 1983, went to Boston to work as a computer programmer, and then moved back here in 1985. Williamstown is a great place to raise a family. [Bruce married his high school sweetheart and has three children].

Record: Who decides what merchandise to produce?

Bruce: I do.

Record: Do you ask students for input?

Bruce: I’m always asking students how they feel about designs. I also look at what they’re wearing. I always welcome requests for new merchandise. If there’s something you want, tell me.

Record: How often do you introduce new items?

Bruce: We bring in new items often, but there’s a fine line. Some people want to replace old items; if we change them, we’d have some disappointed people. We’ve had some designs for over fifteen years.

Record: There are many “Williams Sucks” T-shirts at Amherst, why don’t you retaliate?

Bruce: We’re tasteful. We will always stay that way. We won’t stoop to their level.

Record: Why do some of your T-shirts cost $18?

Bruce: One of the variables in pricing is the weight of the material. We use Champion shirts, which cost more. You can only print one color at a time, and when the shirts are printed on both sides, the labor required is doubled.

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