Month: February 1998

Spring Street Blues

Monday 2-16-98 11:24am Power out in Poker Flats B. Breaker Reset.

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Sugar and Spice

In case you haven’t heard already, Eph Chip Knight unfortunately did not medal at these Olympic games.

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Doug does the Carnival

So it’s Winter Carnival and you’re thinking to yourself, where’s the winter and where’s the carnival, because right now there is a definite absence of both.

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Brian’s Corner

Record: Why did you choose to locate Universal Health Foods in Williamstown?

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A look at the alpine ski team

The first impression I got of the Williams alpine ski team when I stood shivering at the finish line of Moogano’s Giant Slalom course Sunday, aside from a sort of inquisitive wonder at whether or not they enjoyed squeezing into their black and magenta racing tights, was, “wow... they really are fast.”

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One in 2000: Bill Stebbins

One in 2000: Bill “Danger” Stebbins ’99

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Bringing African fashion to the Williams bubble

For the last year and a half, the fashion world and its hottest designers have been turning to Africa for inspiration.

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George Plimpton discusses filmmaking, life

On Feb. 18 in Brooks-Rogers Auditorium George Plimpton, writer and editor-in-chief of the Paris Review, gave a talk about his various acting experiences.

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IT on IT

I am grateful to the editorial board of The Williams Record for giving me an opportunity to share some thoughts about computing over the course of the Spring Term. Because…

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Men’s hockey finishes season with decisive win

The men’s ice hockey team bolstered their chances for a bid to the NCAA Division III championship tournament with strong efforts against Holy Cross and Connecticut College.

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