One in 2000: Jeff McMahon

Jeff McMahon- Junior

Residence: West

Hometown: Denver, CO

How do you like being in Combo Za?

It’s great. It’s super. It’s the best organization on campus.

I hear your initiation rites are pretty wild.

We shouldn’t talk about initiation. It’s a little hush, hush, but if you try out for Combo Za, be on your guard because you just might get in.

Word on the street is that everyone in Za is a studmuffin.

If that’s what people think then they’re wildly mistaken. I think that mostly it’s just Rich (Leimsider). He gets around. Ooh, he’ll get mad at me for that, but he’s not here.

What does Combo Za do to pump up before a show?

We do the Za chant, where we gather in a circle and start yelling “ZA..ZA..ZA.ZA..” It’s a little silly, but it pumps people up.

Are you the leader of the group?


Do you think about how funny you are?

I try not to…the seeds for humor are within us all.

What makes you unique?

I went and saw Anaconda as soon as it opened…oh, and I try and make bloody, gory jokes in Combo Za-I’m committed to zombie humor.


Yeah, my favorite movies would have to be 2001 and any zombie movie.

So, I hear you had your 21st birthday recently.

Yeah. I tried to get a new driver’s license the week before I turned 21, and they wouldn’t give it to me because I’m not 21 yet. I figure that they think that if they gave me a license that says that I’m 21, I’d exploit that whole week of not being 21. I get real angry with bureaucracies like that. .

Do you have a favorite quote?

“Put gear in ass.” When I’m sitting in my room and don’t want to do my work, I say to myself, “put gear in ass” and I feel better. It’s sort of an inside joke from a video project I made with my friends.

What’s your major?

I’m an English major by default. It just seemed like the path of least resistance. I’m not a hard core English major like those people who read Jane Austen for fun. They’re just weird.

What’s the nicest thing about Williams?

There’s relatively few complete morons.

If you could change anything at Williams, what would it be?

I’d get rid of Route 2.

How do you want people to remember you?

Hey, remember that Jeff McMahon? He could be a jerk, but most of the time he was fun.

Any final thoughts?

People should know that I’m screwed up.

You can catch more of Jeff at the next Combo Za show, his web site at, or tune into his radio program with Andy Kyle next semester.

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