Let me outta here, first-years say

As Thanksgiving break approaches, many first years are preparing to venture off the Williams campus for their longest break since beginning college a few months ago. This first big trip home is an exciting prospect for many students.

“This is the first time I will be home since I got here, by far the longest I’ve ever been away from home,” Danielle Tarantolo ’01 said. “Most of all I am looking forward to seeing my cats, because they can’t come visit or write me emails or talk on the phone.”

Lynn Lim ’01 said, “I’m going to hang out with friends I haven’t seen in awhile, catch up on sleep and mooch money off my parents.”

“My friends are really excited about going back, maybe even more than I am,” Tracy Zanco ’01 said.

Although most first years said they are excited to see the friends they left behind, they are not necessarily reuniting at home. First-year Anne Hereford said, “I’m meeting several of my friends in Boston and we’ll eat turkey and lots of dessert at my sister and brother-in-law’s apartment.”

Many first years are too far away from home to make the time and expense of traveling home for the short Thanksgiving break worthwhile. “Even though Thanksgiving isn’t that big of a deal in my family, it’s time to go home now,” Rebecca Hinyard ’01 said. “I only want to go home because everyone else is.” Instead of traveling home to Texas, however, she will be spending Thanksgiving break at the home of a friend. “It’s really nice for someone to let me come over and intrude,” she said.

Other first years are eagerly anticipating their escape from dorms and dining halls. “It will be nice to have some real food again,” Verena Arnabal ’01 said.

“It is going to be very odd to be in my own room again, what with the privacy and quiet, I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle it,” Tarantolo said.

Students were also unsure about giving up their independence. “I’ll miss having no parents,” Lim said.

“I won’t miss anything,” Jake Jeffries ’01 said. “I’ll only be gone four days.”

For those heading home for the first time the break may lead to a few adjustments. “Being in my room is going to be weird,” Arnabal said. “All my stuff is here, not to mention my parents switched my room with my brother’s so he could have the bigger room.”

On the other hand, many students were eager to make adjustments, after a few Months in Williamstown, such as returning to city life. “I’m going home to the Big Apple, and I cannot wait to see the city,” Arnabal added.

Lim is most excited about “getting out of Williamstown.” “It will be nice to have a ’city’ other than North Adams,” she said.

Despite the attraction of friends and pets, most students said no holiday celebration would be complete without their families. After being away, many first years said they are beginning to miss their relatives. “It’ll be nice to see my mom,” Jeffries said.

“I miss my grandma . . . and her lasanga!” Zanco said.

Perhaps, most of all, first years are hoping to rid themselves once and for all of those pesky little lice.

However, some are concerned about spreading the infestation.

“It [the lice outbreak] is going to go national when people go home,” Zanco said. “Maybe even global with the international students.”

Regardless of what their plans are, first years seem prepared to make the most of their first vacation from college. And they will return just in time to face their first college final exams.

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