Council works hard to address student concerns

The topics discussed by College Council during their last few meetings have focused on budgets, NESCAC and Party Policy. Also generating attention at the meetings have been the ideas submitted by students to the Council’s internet forum for student comment,

Co-president Mac Harman wrote a statement, approved by the Council, urging NESCAC to remain in the NCAA. The statement was sent to 11 other schools. Connecticut College and Tufts are the only schools not in agreement with Williams’ stance regarding the NCAA situation.

While the interim party policy is in effect, the college is providing extra money to support alternative functions since no large parties can be registered.

In the wake of the more limited party policy Student Council has been supporting the efforts of the Student Activities Committee(SAC) to come up with entertaining social alternatives to row house parties. SAC will continue to run movies at Bronfman on the weekends as a result of the solid turnouts thus far of 450 to 575 viewers a night. After its success last year and earlier this year the Currier Club tradition will continue with a 3-day event on Nov. 20, 21, 22. The success of Thursday nights at the Log will hopefully continue with the addtion of Friday Hip Hop Nights. College Council’s grant to SAC of $3,050 has also made possible the creation of a game room there with Foosball and Air Hockey. These activities are one of the primary reasons why SAC received an additional $10,000 this year despite the widespread budget cuts in student group activities. There was some outcry from other student groups about the increase in SAC funding, but the Board of Trustees would only allow a Student Activities tax increase if half of it were allocated to SAC. Williams Students Online (WSO), represented by Matt Garland, asked for funding to purchase a server that could handle 3.5 times more than the current set-up. The current 30-second wait to open a homepage, a doubling of the number of list-severs, and an increase in usage from 302 to 806 users stimulated this request. The system would cost between $4800 to $6500 so alternate funding options are being researched. Students have voiced an interest in installing ice machines in Mission. The major issue was the cost and energy consumption of this and the secondary issue was that ice tends to be used to cool kegs, Tom McEvoy, housing director, said. Student desires for a dial tone that would indicate voice mail messages are not

to be realized because this would cost $12,000. Reasoning against the proposal included the logic that most students only check voice-mail from outside their room. Requests for new email terminals in Baxter are still to be met. The Safety Committee proposed giving 24-hour access to all college buildings to Buildings and Grounds personnel in case of emergencies, installing new blue lights in the science quad and a light by Susie Hopkins. All College Council Representatives supported the continuation of free AIDS testing and hope the Health Center will pick up the cost of $5000 considering the fact that it was used by 150 people the last time it was offered, as well as the extensive support it has received from the student body in general. The Council allotted $10,000 to support a new lecture series entitled “Chapin Hall Lecture Series” and gave $500 to support Professor Liza Johnson’s project of bringing Steve Fagin, a well-known video artist, to campus. His World Premiere for his film on contemporary Cuba Tropicola will be here in late November. The Council also made note of the upcoming MASSPIRG a capella benefit on Nov. 20, which will include Combo Za, the Octet, and the Spring Streeters.

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